472 Large Format Premium Rolling Trimmer

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  • 472 Large Format Premium Rolling Trimmer
  • 472 Large Format Premium Rolling Trimmer


The Dahle 472 Premium Rolling Trimmer with a 72" cutting length is designed for precision trimming of thicker material. It features a ground self-sharpening blade, an extruded aluminum guide bar for strength, and an automatic clamp to prevent shifting. This German engineered cutter is ultra-precise and ideal for trimming paper, cardstock, and matboard. SELF-SHARPENING- This trimmer features a self-sharpening cutting system. No need to worry about replacing dull or worn blades, this system sharpens as you cut to maintain a perfectly honed edge. The blade's precision graduated edge will remove even the tiniest sliver of paper and produce a clean, burr-free cut. AUTOMATIC CLAMP- Holding your work securely by hand is no longer necessary. The trimmer’s integrated, automatic clamping system provides even pressure that prevents your work from shifting. METAL BASE- For durability, this German engineered trimmer features a sturdy metal base. It’s a solid foundation that will never warp or crack. ALIGNMENT GUIDES- For measuring, the base contains carefully screened guides to help align your cuts. The guides indicate inch and metric measurements for all your trimming needs. Dahle’s 472 has a cutting capacity of up to 12 sheets and is a popular choice among professional photographers, print shops, and graphic design agencies.

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Warranty Information

Lifetime (excludes cutting blade)
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