B50 Heavy Duty Stapler

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The Novus B50 Heavy Duty stapler is designed for high-volume stapling of up to 140 sheets with minimal effort. It features anti-blocking to prevent jams, a dual staple guide for superior performance, and a bypass system for using longer staples on fewer sheets. It's German engineered with an adjustable depth guide to ensure your clinch is always at the right spot and angle. Jam Prevention- The B50 features an innovative Anti-Blocking System (ABS) that prevents the possibility of a jam and wrestling with your documents when they get stuck to the stapler. A dual staple guide further ensures trouble free performance by providing even pressure on both staple legs until they clinch your documents. Convenience Features- An automatic bypass system provides the convenience of using larger staples on smaller projects. A sliding adjustable depth guide allows you to set the staple location and clinch the perfect spot on every stack. For stability this stapler includes non-slip rubber feet to prevent it from moving while stapling. The Novus B50 stapler works flawlessly when paired with Novus 23 gauge premium staples. These thicker gauge, precision formed staples guarantee your stapler performs as designed. The B50 will accommodate staples up to 17mm in length.


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Novus B50 Heavy Duty Stapler Product Sheet

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Warranty Information

Novus offers a warranty of 25 years when handled in a proper manner.
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