Swintec 7040 Heavy Duty Electronic Typewriter - Brand New

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  • Front view of the Swintec 7040 Heavy-Duty Electronic Typewriter
  • Front view of the Swintec 7040 Typewriter with the lid open.
  • Close-up view of the insides of the typewriter when the lid is open. Helps customer understand the inner-workings and internal components
  • Close-up of the keyboard on the Swintec 7040 typewriter.
  • Left-side view of the Swintec 7040 typewriter.
  • Right-side view of the Swintec 7040 typewriter.
  • Left-side view with the screen elevated to a different viewing angle
  • Complete left-side view with screen elevated at a lower viewing angle
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Swintec 7040 Heavy-Duty Electric Typewriter

Different to the eye, different to the touch.

This offer is for one brand new Swintec 7040 typewriter. Packed with advanced features, the Swintec 7040 represents the latest in typing technology and design, yet it's easy to learn and simple to operate.


  • 48,000-character memory
  • Adjustable 40-character Liquid Crystal Display
  • A variety of text editing and file storage capabilities
  • 17" paper capacity/13.5" writing line
  • Print speed: 22 characters per second
  • Bi-directional printing
  • 500-character Correction Memory
  • Automatic Centering, Bolding, Underlining, and Return
  • Block Move/Copy/Delete and Print
  • Bi-directional Global/Manual Search and Replace
  • Format Memory
  • Decimal Tab
  • Repeat File Print
  • 1 original and 7 copy capacity with form thickness control lever
  • SPELLPROOFTM : 80,000-word main dictionary; 300-word user-defined dictionary


Manufacturers warranty is 90-days

About Swintec:

In 1986, Swintec earned its first sole source Typewriter Contract with the United States Federal Government and as a result, have been heavily involved with government sales ever since. They have enjoyed selling to and servicing all forms of government agencies as well as political subdivisions. Swintec has designed special typewriters and word processing applications to meet the needs of government agencies as well as commercial businesses to solve everyday typing applications beyond just letter writing. 

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