Majesty’s Charlee Chews for Small Dogs - Coconut & Sweet Potato Flavor - Coat, Dental, Digestive & Immune Support Dog Treats - Fresh Breath & Clean Teeth - Grain/Rawhide Free - 3 Bags (6 Ounces/Each)

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Majesty’s Charlee Chews are a highly digestible, grain-free, rawhide free and glycerin free chewy treat made with wholesome, tasty ingredients that will have your dog barking for more. Charlee Chews are a great alternative to dental sticks and rawhide; containing ingredients that add value to your dogs diet. While all of the ingredients in Charlee Chews naturally contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to support a healthy immune system; Charlee Chews also contain ingredients that support a healthy digestive system; sweet potato, psyllium husk, carob are just a few. Here are a few other spotlight ingredients: - Chia Seed - high in Omega 3 to support a healthy coat - Coconut Oil - not only supports coat health but it also aides in the relief of bad breath - Apple Cider Vinegar – cleans teeth, helps reduce tear stains, aides in detoxification, and aides in repelling biting insects This product is also available for Large Dogs. In addition, we also have a Peanut Butter and Carob flavored version for both Small and Large Dogs.

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