Monroe 3180 Bond Trader - *Only 1 Available*

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The Monroe Trader II

This offer is for one (1) Monroe 3180 Bond Trader in brand new condition. Unit has been inspected and tested by our factory technicians to ensure functionality. This unit comes with a 30-day warranty.

Whether you handle conventional security types, mortgage backed securities, or both, the Monroe Trader II is the tool you need today. Anyone involved with fixed-income securities will certainly appreciate the speed of the Monroe Trader II and its ability to store securities for future reference. Even with all these additional features and functionality, the Monroe Trader II takes up no more desk space than this sheet of paper. Our two-line by forty-character display provides critical information in a clear, concise, easy-to-read format. Security type, settlement and maturity dates, coupon rate and maturity/call feature are displayed at all times. New features and functions incorporated into the Monroe Trader II greatly increase its functionality, speed and ease of use. The keyboard arrangement is typical of Monroe’s effort to make the data entry process simple, fast and as error free as possible. Monroe has been designing, building and selling high quality calculators for more than 80 years. The result is a tradition of unsurpassed excellence. The Monroe Trader II is another example of this tradition of excellence and leadership. For you, it is the foundation upon which fortunes are made! 

Functional Description

Industry Standard Calculations

  • Price/yield to maturity
  • call and/or second call
  • Extensions with concessions
  • Portfolio analysis (production)
  • Macaulay duration, average life, convexity
  • Yield and price volatility
  • Plus, bond storage memory for 100 issues

Trading, Computations Using a Variety of Financial Calendars

  • MUNI, corporate, agency
  • Treasury bonds, (including odd first coupons)
  • Notes
  • T-bills and discounts
  • Stepped coupon bonds
  • Medium term notes with automatic date decisions
  • Eurobonds


  • Dimensions: 11.2”(W) x 9.6”(D) x 4.4”(H)
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Display: Two lines with 40 characters per line; each character 5.0 mm high x 3.55 mm wide
  • Power Requirements: 120V AC at 60 Hz
  • Operating Environment: 32° F (0° C) at 5% relative humidity to 104° F (40° C) at 95% relative humidity Storage Environment -40° F to 140° F (-40° C to 60° C) 
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