Monroe Foam Elevation Wedge For Printing Calculators - Designed To Angle And Reduce Printer Noise

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  • MW01 Foam Elevation Wedge for Medium-Duty Printing Calculators
  • MW02 Foam Elevation Wedge for Heavy-Duty Printing Calculators
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Monroe Foam Elevation Wedge

Monroe customers have asked for a solution to comfortably angle their calculators, reduce noise, and protect their desktop surface. Monroe listened and created angled foam pads, also referred to as foam elevation wedges. By raising your calculator, you will have an added benefit of these foam elevation wedges. Damage caused by liquid spills become a thing of the past as the foam elevation wedge will assist in protecting your calculator from damage. Offered in two sizes, users can get the perfect fit for their medium-duty or heavy-duty Monroe calculator. You can also use these foam elevation wedges for other printing calculator brands. Those who know, choose Monroe.

Small Foam Elevation Wedge - Monroe MW01

  Measuring at 9.7 x 8.2 x 1.8 inches, the MW01 is compatible with the following medium-duty Monroe calculators, as well as most commercial desktop calculators:


Large Foam Elevation Wedge - Monroe MW02

  Measuring at 15" x 9" x 3", the MW02 is compatible with the following heavy-duty Monroe calculators, as well as most commercial desktop calculators:

  • Monroe 8130 and 8130X models
  • Monroe 8145 and 8145X models
  • Monroe Ultimate and UltimateX models
  • Monroe Classic & Pro
  • Monroe 7100 Series
  • Monroe 3190 


MW01 Small Foam Elevation Wedge:                                                                               MW02 Large Foam Elevation Wedge:


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