How can a paper shredder make your life easier?

  • Instantaneous Peace of mind - shredding sensitive and important documents ensures that yours and your client's data cannot be stolen. Shred sensitive documents, financial statements, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, tapes, identity cards, confidential reports and other sensitive papers.
    • keeps companies compliant with state and federal regulations for handling of personal information
  • Reliability - your paper shredder is always there, ready to shred when you are. Eliminates time between companies coming to do your shredding, plus eliminates any risk of compromise (i.e., the shredding company stealing your data, misplacing/losing it, etc.)
  • Cost-effective - much cheaper over-time than hiring a third-party provider
  • No more storing and filing unnecessary data - can get rid of old documents that are no longer needed (things stored away in filing cabinets for 10+ years, etc.)
  • Guarantee the shredded paper is getting recycled
Dec 31, 1969

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