Ozone and UV Light Disinfecting Cabinet System for Currency, Casino Chips, & More!

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CDC guidelines and heightened requests from banking customers, casino workers and guests, restaurants, and more have presented a whole new set of time consuming protocols that are now necessary for maintaining healthy environments. To assist with these efforts, we are very excited about our newest edition to our list of our product offerings. We are now selling a disinfecting cabinet system that is specifically designed to completely disinfect casino chips, markers, cash, and moreUnlike the traditionally expensive process for disinfecting player chips by hand or paying a service to do it, this is an extremely efficient alternative that will more than pay for itself.  

Our alternative is a disinfecting cabinet system that is about the size of a home dishwasher unit. Operating the system is extremely easy! Simply load the system and turn it on to completely disinfect your casino chips, markers, cash (and more) in exactly 50-minutes. Using a combination of intense UV light and ozone gas, this system will eliminate all harmful bacteria (including COVID-19)There is no need to worry about separating stacked bills or removing chips from their racks. This system is so powerful that it permeates through everything loaded inside. Just set it and forget it for 50 minutes. 



360° Ozone Disinfection
The Ozone process will completely disinfect paper, plastic, or metal items within the unit.

UV Sterilization
Equipped with 1 UV lamp, this cabinet can destroy the DNA structure of all bacteria in one cycle.

Safe & Reliable
The fully insulated stainless steel cabinet system provides a safe barrier between the user and the items being disinfected within the cabinet. 

Safety Protection with Hot Air Circulation Device
The built-in temperature controller ensures safe operation under low temperature (<60°C). There is also a safety switch on the cabinet door to ensure the UV light & ozone generator automatically turns off if the cabinet is opened to prevent a user from being exposed to UV light & ozone.

Highly Effective
The disinfection process reduces bacteria by 99.99% on the items being put through a disinfection cycle. The treatment literally destroys the bacteria's ability to live.

Cylce Time
Full sterilization takes 50-mins. An active cycle for 30 minutes and 20 mins to cool down.



6 easy steps to disinfect:

Step 1: Power on the cabinet     

Step 2: Place items inside of the cabinet

Step 3: Open the UV lamp tubes

Step 4: Set timer to 30-min to engage the active cycle               

Step 5: Once the timer finishes, the cabinet needs to remain closed for a 20 min cool down cycle

Step 6: Retrieve freshly disinfected items from the cabinet.       


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