Remington Junior Portable Antique Typewriter

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Remington Junior Portable Antique Typewriter

*Sold in as is condition*

The Remington Junior Portable Typewriter would be a great addition to your home or office. It's lightweight and intended for use anywhere you go. Just be sure to handle with care. This unit works great and is recommended for occasional use. There are signs of use on parts of the case and frame.

Looking for a rare and unique addition to your typewriter collection? Consider the Remington Junior Portable Antique Typewriter, a "luggable" typewriter designed for simpler uses. This original model features three banks of keys, with two shift keys located only on the left. Despite not being a market success, this model has historical significance due to its production complications during World War I.

The Remington Junior was first made in April 1914 and was discontinued in 1921. After Remington Co. stopped selling it, it was sold as the 'Century' [no. 10] by A.W.M. Co., which was controlled by Remington. The Century includes several major modifications, such as ribbon spools located on top of the machine instead of hidden in the back.

While we do not have firm data on production numbers, the Remington Junior Portable Antique Typewriter is a rare and valuable find for any typewriter collector. Although this model may not be in full working condition, it can still be restored by whoever purchases it. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of typewriter history.

All of our antique typewriters are sold in as-is condition. Each unit has been tested for issues, however, they have not been fully serviced by our technicians. Since we cannot guarantee full functionality for every unit, we recommend using these antiques for display in a home or office as a conversation starter or as a nice addition to a collection.

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