Special Offer: Solgaard's Hustle Shoulder Bag with Our Monroe UltimateX 12-Digit Programmable Heavy-Duty Accounting Printing Calculator

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  • Stylish design with great storage and functionality
  • Lock your bag to an object to reduce the chance of theft
  • You can easily fit our heavy-duty printing calculators in the Solgaard Hustle Shoulder Bag
  • Front view of Monroe UltimateX Black Print Calculator/Adding Machine
  • Side view of Monroe UltimateX Black Print Calculator/Adding Machine
  • Side view 2 of Monroe UltimateX Black Print Calculator/Adding Machine
  • Top View of Monroe UltimateX Black Print Calculator/Adding Machine
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We have combined a stylish shoulder bag from the Solgaard brand with our most popular and advanced Monroe UltimateX printing calculator


About Solgaard's Hustle Shoulder Bag

Solgaard designed the Hustle shoulder bag with busy professionals in mind, helping you work smarter and harder - whether you’re commuting or running to client meetings. Wear as a cross-body, carry, or you can attach this bag to a carry-on. You're covered with a shoulder strap built for comfort, two vegan leather carry handles, and a suitcase mounting strap. Plus, buying a Solgaard product funds 5lbs. of plastic being pulled out of the ocean. You can look good and feel good about your Solgaard.

Features include:

  • Patented anti-theft lock with coil design
  • Quality vegan leather exterior
  • Solar panel window for Solarbank (a solar charging battery pack that will be available separately for $75, this may ship separately. Call in to order this item 267-580-2600)
  • Easy charging access
  • Comfy, removable shoulder strap
  • Multiple pockets for organization
  • Deluxe drop-proof laptop storage
  • Suitcase mounting strap


This bag is both lightweight and reasonably sized, weighing only 3.5 lbs with dimensions of 16.9 inches by 12.2 inches by 4.3 inches.


It comes protected by a 12-month manufacturer's warranty so you can rest assured knowing your bag is going to last.


About Our Monroe UltimateX Heavy-Duty Printing Calculator

Our engineers at Monroe worked tirelessly to develop the best available printing calculator on the market. The Monroe UltimateX combines all of the favorite features from previous Monroe models and is the top-of-the-line 12-digit print/display heavy-duty calculator. The Monroe UltimateX features our newly updated printer which, for the first time in Monroe history, is compatible with universal supplies such as the Monroe P65M ribbon spools, Monroe M33X ribbon cartridges and our signature 20 lb. paper tape rolls.

Key Features

  • Velvet touch keys with individual key switch technology
  • Ability to edit and reprint tapes and entries up to 99 lines
  • Print speed of 5 lines per second
  • Slide switch to select running subtotal or grand total
  • Enclosed paper roll to protect from dust build up (read our blog on the enclosed paper roll)
  • Indicator lamp (making users aware of an active calculation)
  • Automatic total print above tear-off off knife
  • Hidden storage compartment for a spare paper roll and a twin-spooled ribbon to reduce downtime
  • (2) 4-key independent memories that will allow users to simultaneously run multiple math problems, all while having the ability to store their respective tax rates
  • Independent operation of multiplication and division capability, enabling the user to multiply and divide during addition and subtraction

Those who know, choose Monroe.

*The Monroe UltimateX commonly replaces the Canon CP1213DII, Canon CP1213DIII, Sharp QS-1760H, Sharp QS-2760H, Sharp VX2652H, Sharp QS-2770H, and Victor PL8000 calculators.

Recommended Supplies and Accessories

2 ¼” x 150′ Paper Rolls -- Universal premium 20lb single-ply paper rolls for calculators
Monroe M33X Ribbons -- Ribbon cartridge compatible with all Monroe X Series printing calculators
Large Elevation Wedge -- Foam wedge designed to elevate heavy-duty calculators
Calculator Supply Kit -- Starter supplies kit for Monroe calculators with ribbons & paper rolls

Unboxing the Monroe UltimateX 12-Digit Heavy-Duty Printing Calculator:


Monroe Ultimate calculator overview with demonstration for CPAs:


UltimateX Specifications:

Calculator Type:
Desktop print/display
Truncate, 5/4 Round Off, Round Up
12-digit print/display
Yes, automatic
Product Dimensions:
15.30 x 9.50 x 3.70 in
Yes, with %+ and %- capability
4.08 lbs
Yes, (6) with %+ and %- capability
Print Speed:
5.0 lines per second
Grand Total:
Yes, group and grand total
Display Type/Color:
Fluorescent, green
Item Count:
Yes, intelligent item count, automatic averaging
Inking System:
Black/red ribbon cartridge or spools
Yes, changes the sign of an entered amount
Individual Keyswitch Technology (IKT)
Percent Change:
Yes, computes amount and % of change
Decimal Settings:
=, F, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6
Yes, computes cost, sell, and margin
Non-Add/Date Function:
Yes, print entered reference number or date
Square Root:
Yes, entry followed by divide then equals
Two (2) 4-Key Independent
Change Sign:
Yes, changes the sign of an entered amount
115Volts 0.2Amps 60HZ    

Joe Spurka, Administrative Manager at Monroe on the UltimateX:  


1. What are some of the common jobs that customers use the UltimateX for?
The UltimateX is the top of the line of our heavy-duty calculators. It is used in supermarkets, casinos and all accounting-type settings. Executives love this model as it is the best available printing calculator available. 

2. What's something people should know about the UltimateX? Why should they choose this Monroe printing calculator over another machine?
The UltimateX is equipped with Individual Keyswitch Technology (IKT), which enables the lightest keytouch available, and is a favorite among touch operators. The UltimateX also has editing and reprint capabilities.  

3. What’s some positive feedback you have heard from customers about the UltimateX?
Users love the key touch of the UltimateX, and the reprint feature eliminates the need to use more expensive, 2-ply paper. Simply pressing the reprint button will print an exact copy of your last set of math calculations.

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Warranty Information

Lifetime phone support, 6-month parts & service.
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Additional Information

12-digit print/display
Product Dimensions:
15.30 x 9.50 x 3.70 in
Print Speed:
5.0 lines per second
Two (2) 4-Key Independent
Yes, (6) with %+ and %- capability
Yes, changes the sign of an entered amount
Additional Specifications:
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