Tuc® Weighted Blanket

Tuc Warm Premium Weighted Blanket for Light Sleepers, Minky Fabric, No Beads, Machine Washable - 48” x 82”, (One Adult) Dark Grey

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  • The Tuc Warm is made with soft minky on one side and even softer plush fleece on the other. You can choose either side to get comfortable.
  • Made with our patented core sheet technology, which distributes weight evenly across the whole blanket.
  • Designed to be breathable all night long, keeping you comfortable.
  • Without any pellets, there is no more noise or uncomfortable shifting of pellets or beads.
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$165.00 - $225.00


The team at Tuc Weighted Blanket has created the first weighted blanket that acts and feels like a real blanket! If you are looking for a new blanket to help you get a restful sleep, this is the blanket for you. Unlike other blankets that you may have to share, the Tuc Weighted Blanket only offers a one size fits one adult so you won't have to worry about sharing this plush blanket.  

The Tuc Weighted Blanket is a weighted blanket like no other, the secret is in its patented core sheet technology. This technology allows us to maintain weight without any fuss, eliminating all the discomfort caused by the noise and shifting of pellets. Whether this is your first weighted blanket or not, we are confident that you'll prefer the Tuc Weighted Blanket line over any other brand of weighted blankets.


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About the fabric:


With breathable fabrics, no pellets, and no duvet, the Tuc Blanket will offer you a consistent experience and remain evenly weighted.



The Tuc Warm is made with soft minky fabric on one side (100% Polyester) and even softer plush fleece on the other (100% Polyester).                                                                            


Care Instructions: 


Machine Washable and Dryer Safe.  Machine wash your Tuc Blanket separately and Tumble Dry. Consult your home washing machine and dryer manual for the drum weight limit. We DO NOT recommend exceeding the drum weight limit of your specific machine. We recommend using commercial or heavy duty machines at a laundromat.


About Tuc Blanket Company:


We are an American manufacturer that has been in business since 1975. For 45 years, we have been manufacturing new products for many different industries, including automotive and speakers. We started in a garage in 1975 and have grown into a 41,000 square foot factory, 3 generations strong.

We are a creative bunch by nature, and we have always sought to be innovative with the products we produce. For our latest product innovation, the Tuc Blanket, we have worked for over 2 years to create the very best and most unique weighted blanket on the market today. Our blanket was designed and is manufactured right here in the USA. We are so excited that you are here to check out our blanket and we do hope that you’ll like it.

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Warranty Information

Date of Last Revision: October 19, 2020 This Warranty Policy applies only to (“Tuc® Products”). LIMITED WARRANTY Sherwood Industries, Inc. (referred to herein as "Sherwood", "we", "us", or "our") takes pride in our Tuc® Products, and warrants to the original purchasers (“You”) that all Tuc® Products will be free from defects in workmanship and materials during the Warranty Period, subject to the below conditions. Size Variance Sherwood has an acceptable weight variance of plus or minus one (1) pound for all Tuc® Products. The advertised length and width of a Tuc® blanket is the minimum size. Tuc® blankets may be a few inches larger than their advertised size. Washing Machines It is important to check the manual of Your washer and dryer to find out the drum weight limits of Your specific machines. Do not place more weight than is recommended by the machine manufacturers into the drum. We are not responsible for any damage to washing machines or dryers, or to Tuc® Products that have been washed or dried using a washing machine or dryer in excess of the recommended weight limits. We will not pay for any costs related to maintenance (labor and/or parts) of a washing machine or dryer or the purchase of a new washer or dryer. Warranty Period The Warranty Period begins on the date of delivery and lasts for sixty (60) days thereafter. Your warranty claim can only be approved under the following conditions: You send us a Warranty Claim through the process described below within the Warranty Period. You purchased the Tuc® Product through The Warranty Claim was sent during the Warranty Period. You return the Tuc® Product to us. You confirm You have used the Tuc® Product only as intended and in accordance with our instructions. The manufacturing defects are either breaks in the seams or binding seams breaking and causing the binding to fall off; If a defect occurs as the result of the Tuc® Product’s intended use according to our instructions during the Warranty Period, we will or replace, at our discretion, the defective product. Warranty Claims In order to initiate a Warranty Claim, please send an email to containing: Your name and address; Your email address; Your Order Number; and, A detailed description of the issue with the Tuc® Product. If Your Warranty Claim appears to be acceptable, we will provide You with shipping information for return of the Tuc® Product. If, upon receiving the Tuc® Product, it is clear that the defects are not the result of normal wear and tear and use according to instructions, we reserve the right to refuse to repair or replace the product. This Warranty does not cover defects caused by third-party modifications, repairs, or replacement parts. Punctures, scratches, normal wear and tear, and the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use are not covered by this Warranty. We will cover the cost of shipping for one return per Warranty Claim. If we issue a replacement as a result of Your Warranty Claim, we will replace the Tuc® Product with an identical product. If You prefer to exchange the affected product for a different product, we will issue You a store credit that can be applied to another product in our store. RETURNS Apart from the limited warranty returns discussed above, we are not obligated to accept returns or to provide refunds for any reason. WARRANTY DISCLAIMER There are no express warranties other than the warranty set forth herein. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THIS EXPRESS LIMITED WARRANTY. Some States do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to You. This warranty gives You specific legal rights, and You may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This warranty is only available in the United States. No Sherwood Industries agent or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension, or addition to this warranty.
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