Wakefield 10LB Red Skin Peanuts + Squirrel Peanut Feeder Bundle

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  • Wakefield 10LB Red Skin Peanuts + Squirrel Peanut Feeder Bundle
  • Wakefield 10LB Red Skin Peanuts + Squirrel Peanut Feeder Bundle
  • Wakefield 10LB Red Skin Peanuts + Squirrel Peanut Feeder Bundle
  • Wakefield 10LB Red Skin Peanuts + Squirrel Peanut Feeder Bundle
  • Wakefield 10LB Red Skin Peanuts + Squirrel Peanut Feeder Bundle
  • Wakefield 10LB Red Skin Peanuts + Squirrel Peanut Feeder Bundle
  • Wakefield 10LB Red Skin Peanuts + Squirrel Peanut Feeder Bundle
  • Wakefield 10LB Red Skin Peanuts + Squirrel Peanut Feeder Bundle
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A Treat Worth Sharing...

Give a special treat to your backyard friends by feeding them Wakefield Peanuts! Our peanuts are a favorite of many squirrels, wild birds, pigs, deer, chipmunks and more.


Many wild backyard birds enjoy eating Wakefield Peanuts.

Pigs eating Wakefield Peanut Company peanuts

Many backyard squirrels love eating Wakefield Peanuts.

Deer eating Wakefield Peanut Company peanuts

Wild Birds

Whole peanuts are popular with larger birds where smaller birds will take the peanut and break them into smaller, easier to eat pieces. These peanuts can either be sprinkled around your yard or put in a bird feeder for access.

Peanuts are a very popular treat among Blue Jays, Towhees, Grackles, Crows, Jays, Ravens, Woodpeckers, Northern Cardinals, Dark-Eyed Juncos, Pyrrhuloxia, Titmice, Tits, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Wrens, Doves and more!


In shell peanuts are one of the most natural foods a pig can enjoy. They are full of nutrients and are a superb source of protein and energy in their diets.

In fact, peanuts are the only in shell nuts that a pig can enjoy. That is because peanut shells are soft enough that they won't tear any part of the GI tract as they're chewed up and swallowed.


Peanuts are great for attracting squirrels to your backyard in the warmer months. They are perfect for filling the squirrel feeders or sprinkling around your yard.

In colder months, squirrels often forget where they buried their nuts over the summer. Feeding squirrels peanuts as a dietary supplement over the winter helps them find food in times when it is scarce.


Many deer enjoy in shell peanuts as a snack. Since deer are creatures of habit, it may take a little while for them to adjust to eating the peanuts.

Try leaving some peanuts out when there are deer in the area and over time it will become a regular occurrence. Once this happens, you will consistently attract deer to your yard so you can admire their natural beauty.


All About The Squirrels

Squirrels live in various forests, preferring hardwoods or mixed woods, especially those with nut trees.

This little fellow is a year-round resident seen mostly in the morning and evening in the yard. Most squirrels feed primarily on nuts, especially peanuts, hickory nuts, acorns, beech nuts and walnuts. They also like fruit, maple seeds, tulip tree seeds and corn as well.

Squirrels are one of the most popular backyard animals to feed and are well-known for providing hours of entertainment through their silly antics throughout the day. Put some Wakefield peanuts in your feeder and enjoy watching the feeding frenzy that ensues!

Peanuts are a high energy food source packed with protein and essential fatty acids. They are a great supplement to squirrel diets and are perfect post-rut when they are worn down and need to pack on some weight.

And did you know...

  • Squirrels have very acute senses. Their vision enables one squirrel to distinguish another from 50 feet away.
  • Squirrels have two peak times of activity during the day: early morning and mid-afternoon. In the winter they are active around noontime.
  • Squirrels can bury up to 25 nuts an hour. This is a communal activity with squirrels in the area benefiting from the buried food supply.
  • A squirrel will eat its entire body weight in food each week (1 to 1-1/2 lbs).

Peanut Feeder Features

Eastern white pine wood is great for insulation during cold winter months. Keeps the squirrels safe

the roof of the squirrel house shelters the peanuts from the elements rain snow sleet hail wind

See through front glass enables squirrels to see the peanuts so they know the food source

Made of Eastern White Pine Wood

Wakefield premium squirrel feeders are hand-crafted in the USA and made of only the finest, sustainably-grown Eastern White Pine Wood. Eastern White Pine is an ideal material for squirrel feeders because it is light in weight and easy to hang

Cover From the Elements

The lid provides great protection from the wind and elements, keeping the peanuts fresh and dry and allowing them to be stored in the feeder for longer periods.

See-Through Plexiglass

Squirrels have an amazing sense of hearing and are able to view the peanuts through the plexiglass front, so they always know when there's a meal to be had.

squirrel stealing peanuts from a bird feeder.

Keep Squirrels Out of Your Bird Feeder

No one likes it when those pesky squirrels steal all the food from the bird feeder and chase away the other animals. Giving squirrels their own dedicated feeder on the opposite side of the yard from the birdfeeders can help keep them away.

Placing a bird feeder in a tree is like inviting the squirrel to lunch. A squirrel can jump 6 feet vertically, can jump across 8 feet from one tree to another, and can climb up almost any surface except glass. So to keep them from the birdseed, place a birdfeeder away from trees and other surfaces the squirrel can climb. A pole in the middle of the yard, with a squirrel baffle on the pole and a bird feeder designed to discourage the squirrels, is about as squirrel-resistant as you can get. Then put a few Wakefield squirrel houses and squirrel feeders in the trees some distance from the bird feeding area, and you will enjoy all varieties of wildlife in your backyard. Feeding the squirrels year round helps to keep the out of the garden as well.

peanut munch box feeder with squirrel eating shelled red skin peanuts out of it

Train the Squirrels

Prop the lid of your peanut feeder open with a peanut. Squirrels will quickly learn to lift the lid, sit on the shelf, and consume the peanuts.

mounting a peanut munch box squirrel feeder on a tree in the park

Easy Mounting

This squirrel munch box can easily be mounted to a tree, fence, or post by nail. Simply hammer one nail into the pre-drilled hole at the top and one nail into the pre-drilled hole at the bottom of the peanut feeder.

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