Monroe Ribbon Compatibility Chart

Current Monroe Models     
Monroe P65M*Monroe M33X*Monroe P51SMonroe P81MMonroe P71M
Monroe ClassicX  ✔        
Monroe UltimateX  ✔        
Monroe 8145X          
Monroe 8130X          
Monroe 6120X          
Monroe 2020PlusX          
Monroe 122PDX          
Previous Monroe Models     
  Monroe P65M* Monroe M33X* Monroe P51S Monroe P81M Monroe P71M
Monroe 122PD*          
Monroe Ultimate          
Monroe Pro          
Monroe Classic          
Monroe 8145          
Monroe 8130          
Monroe 7150**      
Monroe 7140          
Monroe 7130          
Monroe 5140          
Monroe 5130          
Monroe 121PD          
Monroe 8125***          
Monroe 6120          
Monroe 2020Plus II          
Monroe 2020Plus          
Monroe 2020Plus III          
Monroe SB 2012          
Monroe One          
Monroe Classmate 88          
Monroe 5150          
Monroe 4150  
Monroe 4140  
Monroe 4130  
Monroe 3190          
Monroe 3150  
Monroe 3140  
Monroe 2890  
Monroe 2880  
Monroe 2870  
Monroe 2865  
Monroe 2860  
Monroe 2850  
Monroe 2830  
Monroe 2820  
Monroe 2810  
Monroe 2805  
Monroe 2802  
Monroe 2801  
Monroe 2735  
Monroe 2725  
Monroe 2715  
Monroe 2145  
Monroe 2125  
Monroe 2120  
Monroe 2020          
Monroe 1450          
Monroe 1430          
Monroe 1420          
Monroe 1410          
Monroe 1405          
Monroe 122PD II        


Monroe P65M Ribbon Spools are universal ribbons, click here for full compatibility charts.
*Compatible with Monroe 122PD calculators after serial number HK10XXXX

**New style Monroe 7150 calculators are units with serial numbers starting with FL11 – FM. These calculators use Monroe P51S ribbon cartridges, whereas the older style is not compatible.

***Monroe 8125 calculators with serial numbers beginning with TS will only take a spool ribbon (Monroe P65M) and Monroe 8125 calculators with serial numbers beginning with TC will take either the spool (Monroe P65M) or cartridge (Monroe P81M)

If you do not see a ribbon listed for your machine please feel free to call at 267-580-2600 or enter your information below and someone will get back to you.