A Candid Interview with a Long-Time Monroe Calculator User

A Candid Interview with a Long-Time Monroe Calculator User

Handling the financial needs of a government agency, its departments and its citizens living in that jurisdiction, is no small task. That’s why one government agency that I spoke with turned to Monroe Systems for Business for all of its accounting needs.

One anonymous staff member said that when she started in the finance department, she was tasked with ordering the printing calculators for new hires. Wondering where she should get the printing calculators from, her manager said, Monroe. “My manager was very set on Monroe calculators and she just swore up and down by them, and I was not going to argue with her,” she recalls.

But it didn’t take long for her to see why her manager and other staff loved them.

“We've pretty much stayed with the 8130 and the 8130X 12-digit calculator heavy-duty printing desktop calculators and everyone has been thrilled with these models," relays the staff member.

"The staff likes the layout of the keyboard, the ease of pressing the keys, the readout is clear, the machines never jam. This is really big when you're doing accounting work, especially when working in the payroll department. They really love it because they run tapes that basically spread across the whole building. They also like the fact that it's electric, or it can be battery operated.”

When working in other areas of the office, the staff member enjoys the portability of our handheld model. While it doesn't offer the printed audit trail, it is great for doing some quick math.

“When I first started out in billing, I was shown that I could do my calculations on a computer keyboard, but I found myself making mistakes, so I would check the calculations on a calculator. I had to tally up the cost of building permits, and that's not something I wanted to make a mistake with, especially since I was temporary at that time.”

Since then, she has stuck with her Monroe 240Z, and continues to purchase calculators for her department from Monroe, the most recent of which being three Monroe 8130Xs, and she says the staff just love them. She has even convinced a new director to use a Monroe.

“I grabbed the 8130 that the department had planned on passing along to someone else. I asked the director if it would work for her. She plugged it and said, ‘This is so much better than the one I have.’ She was thrilled with Monroe.”

The staff member adds that she has also used the 8130 a few times and really likes the sleekness of it on the desk and likes that it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and that it is especially easy to use.

Monroe Printing Calculators, Customer Service in a League of Its Own

“One member of our staff was using a Sharp calculator but felt that it registered the numbers too slowly and was too quiet,” she notes. “It was slowing her down, because she had an ear for how fast the machine should be writing the numbers on the tape. That's somebody who's serious about calculators.”

But it’s not just about the product, she says, praising the Monroe customer service team for how they have handled her agency’s account.

“Every promise that was ever made by Monroe has been delivered. There's no screwing around, there's no excuses,” she concludes. “If something is out of stock, they tell you up front, and let you know how long it is going to be. Monroe is a very honest, forthright, customer-based company, so there really isn’t a comparison when it comes to a Monroe."

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Dec 31, 1969 Julie Greenbaum

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