How a Monroe Printing Calculator Can Make Your Job Easier

- easily check your calculations when complete with print out. Can line up your printout next to your ledger to check each calculation to ensure accuracy.  

 - can type quicker on adding machine than with 10 key (keyboard number pad) (can link to a blog entry on calc vs. excel, and/or Mike's video with Rutgers students). We also have a section on this in the ultimate guide. 

 - can staple the tape to a stack of receipts as a permanent copy to quickly know the total (an example could be for written-off business expense receipts). 

 - audit trail allows for auditors to quickly verify accuracy of calculations. 

 - color coded numbers for quick interpretation of negatives and positives (red and black ink, respectively). 

 - large, easy to read display

 - optimized to carry out advanced business functions like profit margin, tax, currency exchange, percentage values, and many others.

 - Memory feature to revisit work and edit previous calculations

Good reference article:

Dec 31, 1969

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