The Definitive Guide to Purchasing a Printing Calculator

The #1 and most important question to ask yourself when shopping for a printing calculator is:

Who should purchase a printing calculator?

We recommend them to anyone in an accounting or financial role who spends a significant portion of their work week crunching numbers and performing calculations that involve sensitive data. This includes professionals in purchasing, the government, banks, etc. 

One of the largest challenges companies face in today's business landscape is the proactive safeguarding of financial information. Your customers are entrusting you with their sensitive information, and any external breach can lead to irreparable consequences for both your clients, and your business. 

So the question becomes: 

How can you proactively safeguard your client's financial information, without impacting the speed or efficiency of your daily accounting practices?

The answer: a printing calculator.

I'm going to break this down into two further questions to explain how a printing calculator can solve this problem for you.

Number One: How does a printing calculator protect your financial data?

A printing calculator eliminates nearly all of the ways your data can be stolen or compromised through digital accounting. 

A printing calculator cannot be hacked. A printing calculator cannot transmit or send data. And a printing calculator cannot save or backup your data.

You simply tear-off your audit trail, staple it to the other physical documents you have, and file it away. The only way this data could be stolen or altered is by someone physically doing so. This is much less likely, and thus much safer, than storing client data online.

Number Two: Can I operate more quickly on a printing calculator than with online accounting software?

Yes. A printing calculator is distraction free, update free, doesn't require saving and doesn't require you walking across the office to retrieve your printed document. 

As an example, let's walk through the steps of accounting on an Excel Sheet, versus a Monroe printing calculator. 


1) Open Excel on your desktop.

2) Click into the cell you want to work in

3) Type Equals sign

4) Enter your calculations

5) Hit Enter and get your total.

6) Save your Excel Sheet

7) Print your Excel Sheet

8) Walk across the office to retrieve your Excel Sheet from the printer


1) Reach over to your printing calculator

2) Enter your calculations

3) Hit Total key and get your total.

4) Tear audit trail off of your printing calculator

Not only does the Monroe allow you to complete the process in half the steps, but many of our users even report being able to crunch numbers faster on a Monroe than a typical ten key on a keyboard. Even in today's world, the printing calculator is still the quickest and most efficient way to run your accounting figures. 

Things to consider when purchasing a printing calculator: 

Do I need a Medium-Duty or a Heavy-Duty Calculator?

A Medium-Duty calculator is a smaller unit, that is meant for .....

At Monroe, we sell three different Medium-Duty calculator models. They are the 6120X, the 122pdx, and the 2020plusX. I will explain the differences between the three units a little later on. 

A Heavy-Duty calculator is a larger, more-durable unit, that is meant for....

At Monroe, we sell three different Heavy-Duty calculator models. They are the 8130X, the 8145X, and the UltimateX. I will break down the differences in these three units a little later on as well. 

To know which type of user you are, ask yourself these two important questions.. 

1) How often will I use my calculator? 

We recommend considering what percentage of your work week will be spent performing functions on your calculator. Typically, people who spend 25% or more of their work week on their calculator will need a heavy-duty machine.

2) What mathematical programs and functions do I need?

Heavy-Duty machines are often able to perform more functions than a medium-duty machine.

Print Speed

Print speed makes a huge difference in your ability to perform functions. If your printer can't keep up with how quickly you type, you run the risk of missing calculations...


Key touch

What is the calculator body made of?


You’ll want to consider the support that the manufacturer offers for their machines, as it shows how much they stand behind their products.

Nearly 90% of all defects that occur with the machines occur straight out-of-the-box. This means that there is an actual defect with the unit and it occured on the manufacturing level. Monroe offers a six month warranty with all of our machines that will cover this.

We also offer free lifetime phone support on every unit. This means that we have dedicated calculator reps standing-by and waiting to help you.

We do this because many of our customers get accustomed to working on their specific machine and are hesitant to part with it. It becomes a part of their daily routine - a familiar piece of their ritual. And that’s why we are the only company in the industry to offer this.

What are the differences between the Monroe calculator models? 

6120X - 

122pdx - 

2020plusX - 

8130X - 

8145X -

UltimateX -

What makes a Monroe calculator superior to the other printing calculators on the market? (Quick comparison to other brands)

Sharp - 

Canon -

Victor - 

Casio - 


As the inventor of the printing calculator in 1912....

Dec 31, 1969 Joe Amoriello

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