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Customer Testimonials & Reviews of Monroe Systems for Business

We value feedback. Since 1912 the focus of our business is customer service, which is why every call is answered by a live agent at Monroe's headquarters in Pennsylvania.

Here are just a few of the testimonials we have received from customers.

"The 8130 was exactly what I needed—and it has been"

I have been working in an accounting office for 49 or 50 years (It started as a part-time job when I was in high school). I have been a CPA for 45 of those years. The second “machine” that was “assigned” to me was a new Monroe adding machine. I was hooked on Monroe.

The first “electronic” Monroe calculator our firm purchased which would have been in the early 1970’s cost somewhere between $400 and $600, was big and was a major investment and we thought the ability to multiply and divide was a godsend. Wow!!!

Obviously, size and cost came down and competition arose. I stuck with Monroe. I think I’m on my third Monroe. The first machine (near the current size models) lasted me about 20 years. Somewhere along the line (I’m guessing maybe 10 years ago) I stepped up to the model I have on my desk now, Monroe Classic. It’s still chugging along. However, I learned shortly after I got it, that I really didn’t need all the bells and whistles with which it came (some of them I’ve still not learned how to program!).

So when it came time to buy a calculator for my home office (which is on-line with my “real” office), I researched and decided that the 8130 was exactly what I needed—and it has been.

I’ve watched probably 30 or 40 of employees over the year buy “off” brand calculators anywhere from $79 to $99 from Sam’s, Walmart, etc. I try to convince them to get a Monroe; but, alas, I’m the only one in our office who uses a Monroe. However, the “cheapo/non-name” brands can stand the pressure for two, maybe three years and then they’re pitched in the trash.

My Monroes just keep jugging along day after day after day after year after year. Occasionally, they’ll ask for a new ribbon and I oblige. I’ve also learned that Monroe replacement ribbons outlast Quill and other “bargain” ribbons. And, I guess I can say they are a “bargain”—for a month or two. Monroe ribbons can triple that.

When I die I’m planning on taking one of my Monroe’s with me—probably the 8130. Never know when heaven’s gonna need a CPA with a good calculator.

Keep up the good work, Monroe.

Gene C, CPA


Maria was very helpful handling our order and questions. The Town of Orange has purchased Monroe calculators for years. They last almost forever.



Good products at great prices!!

Dennis J., CPA


I have used Monroe calculators for 40+ years and always love them.

Martha M.


Great product, I have used Monroe products since 1985. I cannot use any other calculator. The touch is not the same.  

Kim S.


I have always liked your products since I began using them in business. They are durable and professionally serviced.

Mitchell D.