Checklist for a Perfect Day in Sales Today

Checklist for a Perfect Day in Sales Today

As a salesperson it isn’t uncommon to have a nightmare of a day at your workplace; your sales team is distracted and you are struggling to make sales. Disorganization can be the biggest contributor of having a bad sales day. In contrast, a well organized checklist will put you on the path to having a terrific day in sales productivity and give you something to be proud of and smile about at the end of the work day. Check out the checklist below to help you achieve a perfect day in sales from start to finish!

1. Come in to work on time and set goals for the day

Upon reaching your office or work area eliminate any sort of distraction that may prevent you from performing at your optimal ability. Set your goals for the day and look at metrics from previous days to gauge what is achievable and realistic. Be sure to make a physical checklist to keep you and your team on track.

2. Decide what products to promote for that day

Assess what promotional opportunities you can offer for the day regardless of what industry you are in (product or service). If you’ve had a product in inventory for longer than you would like, or have a specific service that’s a poor seller look to see if you can offer it at a discount or bundled with a supplemental item for a reduced price.

3. Listen for the sale

As much as you want to explain every detail of your wonderful products to your customer they may not care and you may come off as pushy. Instead, listen to them as much as possible and have a set list of questions that will help extract where they are in their product or service search and what they need.

4. Create positive and memorable follow-ups

Whether or not you make a sale to a customer, create a great follow-up. Make the customer feel valued, thank them for their time, and ask for feedback on their purchase process and what ways they would like to see it improved.

5. Audit your day

At the end of the day look to see how your performance compares with your daily goals. Feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. Determine whether if you had the right balance in place to meet your goals, plan to modify future days, where you fell short and be ready to perform better the next day.

Aug 31, 2016 Andrei Petre

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