How Long Will Your Printing Calculator Last?

How Long Will Your Printing Calculator Last?


The Evolution and Endurance of Monroe Printing Calculators

At Monroe, we understand the importance of numbers. In the 1970s through the 1990s, it was very common for a calculator to be replaced every three or four years and/or have the calculator under a maintenance agreement. During that time, the Epson printer mechanism, the printer being used in most printing calculators, was manufactured to perform 5.4 million lines of print. While the printers are now manufactured by Citizen, our factory continues to use 5.4 million lines as the performance benchmark. What does that mean? A standard 150’ roll of calculator paper holds approximately 54,000 lines of print. That translates to the printer mechanism printing on 100 rolls of paper. With the average Monroe user in the 70’s consuming 2-3 rolls of paper per month, the use of 100 rolls usually fell within 3-4 years.

Now fast forward, today we have people who have shifted a significant amount of their work, primarily data analysis, to a computer which has extended the average timeframe that a user prints on 100 rolls of paper. Customers frequently ask, “When I should replace my Monroe calculator?” I could easily say after you’ve printed on 100 rolls because I am just as confident with the construction and performance of the Monroe printing calculator models today as I was with the models from previous eras. In general, we have found that our high-volume users--those who print 2-3 rolls per month--are seeing a four-year lifespan. Users with lower print volumes have been replacing their calculators every six, seven, or even eight-plus years with proper care. I’d like to emphasize proper care because there are additional factors that can shorten the life of a calculator. Today, more workers eat at their desks than 20 years ago. Crumbs, grime, and liquid spills shorten the life span of a calculator. Liquid spills, especially, can even cause an immediate failure. (Some users have told us that they use Monroe Foam Wedges to elevate their calculators and protect them from liquid spills). Separate from that, clogged printer heads caused by using cheap universal ribbons and inferior paper tape play a role in shortening the life of the calculator.

I recommend considering the work environment your calculator is or will be exposed to. Once you’ve done that, speak with one of our calculator specialists by calling 888-Monroe-1 (888-666-7631), they can help you with estimating a calculator life span based on what you can share with them. Our calculator specialists work with companies to assess their needs and recommend the best printing calculator model for the job.

From the customer feedback received, we see the printing calculator remaining an important part of the office as they are heavily used in the accounting and finance departments. There is no faster way to calculate numbers, see a complete audit trail, and print your work. On our premium heavy-duty printing calculator, the Monroe UltimateX, we provide a reprint key for those who want an extra copy of their audit trail. You can even edit an entry, if there is a mistake or if you want to modify the numbers, without keying in everything all over again. Exclusive features like these have resulted in Monroe printing calculators dominating efficiency studies when compared to other calculator brands in the marketplace today.


Feb 15, 2017 Bill Ault

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