Why Do Number Crunchers Prefer Monroe Calculators?

Why Do Number Crunchers Prefer Monroe Calculators?

People find Monroe calculators to be reliable, safe, and the fastest tool for computing math. Let’s expand upon that point…

The Perks of Using a Monroe Calculator:

1. People can see office equipment come and go every few years, but Monroe products have stood the test of time

Our machines are known for their quality and reliability. Customers have told us stories about inheriting Monroe’s from previous employees! The industries who have 24/7 demand continue to tell us how amazed they are when they see our calculators lasting over a decade.

2. Calculators are unique in the fact that they cannot be hacked.

Those responsible for highly sensitive data and financials have an added sense of comfort when they are using their Monroe calculator. 

3. Monroe calculators allow you to be 100% confident in your math.

Today, many people have become reliant on programs such as Microsoft Excel, but there is the potential for errors that may not be identified since the math formula is not shown when you print out your work. Printing calculators show every entry made so you can easily identify an error if one exists. Users can pride themselves on their work thanks to the accuracy Monroe delivers.

4. People find data entry on the calculator extremely easy and fast!

Monroe calculators are built for speed. There is no need to wait for the device to load or run updates, Monroe calculators are ready to work as soon as they are powered on. Many of our veteran customers have memorized the placement of every key needed for their calculations which makes data entry a breeze.

Monroe has developed a variety of calculator offerings. The staff at Monroe will personally work with you to identify the perfect calculator for your specific needs. Monroe also provides a lifetime of phone support for every purchase.

May 17, 2016 Jason Marsdale

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