Formax AutoSeal® FD 2056 Tabletop Pressure Sealer

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  • Formax AutoSeal® FD 2056 Tabletop Pressure Sealer



Formax AutoSeal® FD 2056 Tabletop Pressure Sealer

The AutoSeal® FD 2056 is a fully automatic pressure sealer designed to streamline your post-processing tasks. Ideal for high-volume environments, this advanced tabletop solution processes pressure-sensitive one-piece mailers with exceptional efficiency and ease of use.

Key Features:

  • High-Speed Processing: Handles up to 16,450 forms per hour for rapid job completion.
  • Color Touchscreen Interface: Large, full-color touchscreen for intuitive operation.
  • Drop-In Feed System: Reliable three-roller feed system eliminates the need for paper fanning.
  • 17” Form Capability: Processes forms up to 17” in length, providing flexibility.
  • AutoStack™ Wheels: Automatically adjusts stacker wheels for different form sizes and fold types.
  • Integrated Telescoping Conveyor: Adjustable length conveyor holds up to 500 folded pieces.
  • Noise Reduction: Insulated covers and enclosed fold plates reduce operating noise.
  • Fault Detector: Identifies double feeding and other issues.
  • Counters: Includes 6-digit resettable and 8-digit life counters for audit control.
  • AutoBatch™ Counter: Programmable to process a set number of forms with a delay.

Folding Features:

  • Preset Folds: Pre-programmed for 5 popular fold types in 11-17” forms and uneven C and Z in 14” forms.
  • Custom Folds: Stores up to 35 custom folds in memory.
  • Adjustable Fold Settings: Modify preset fold types for maximum flexibility and customization.

Technical Features:

  • Adjustable Feed Table Pressure: Seven positions to adjust hopper tension for different paper stocks.
  • Seven-Point Fold Stops: Ensures precise, accurate folds for large paper sizes at high speeds.
  • Removable Roller Cover: Easy access to sealer rollers and exit area.
  • Easy-Off Feed Wheel Shaft: Quick change of feed wheels without removing side covers.


  • Locking Cabinet: Fully enclosed for secure storage.
  • 402 Series Jogger: Reduces static electricity and aligns forms for proper feeding.
  • V-Stack36i Stacker: Vertically stacks up to 22” of folded documents for easy unloading.


  • Speed: Up to 16,450 forms per hour
  • Hopper Capacity: Up to 500 forms (20#)
  • Pre-Set Folds: C, V, Z, and uneven C and Z
  • Custom Folds: Stores up to 35 custom folds
  • Paper Size: Min: 3.5” W x 5” L, Max: 12.25” W x 18” L
  • Dimensions: Closed: 43” L x 21.28” W x 16” H, Fully Extended: 55” L x 21.28” W x 16” H
  • Weight: 127 lbs
  • Power: 110-240VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Safety Certifications: UL & CE applied for
  • Made in the USA


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