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GRC Compatible Ink Ribbon Cartridge Replacement for Epson ERC-23 (Black, Red)

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  • Front view of GRC E287 EPSON ERC23 Replacement Calculator Ribbon
  • Side view of GRC E287 EPSON ERC23 Replacement Calculator Ribbon
  • Back view of GRC E287 EPSON ERC23 Replacement Calculator Ribbon


These replacement ribbon cartridges are compatible with a variety of POS, calculator and typewriter products: --Axiohm A714, --Bixolon SRP-270, SRP-270D-- Canon TX 50 III, --Data Techno DT-R 260, --Datamega DPN-2369, DPN-2600, DPN-2604, DPN-2610, DPN-2620, DPN-2621, DPN-2639, DPN-2650, DPN-2671, DPN-2690, TM-300, --DED D174, DH Technology DH 1400, --Epson 250, 252, 255, 257, 260, 262, 264, 265, 267, 270, 280, 280 A, 280 V, 300 D, ERC-23, M 17-JB, M 250, M 252, M 255, M 257, M 260, M262, M 264, M265, M267, M 270, M 280, M 280 A, M 280 V, RP-265, TM-267, TM-267 A, TM-267 B, TM-267 C, TM-267 D, TM-267 II, TM-270, TM-300 A, TM-U260, TM-U262, --Esper 875 Kitchen Printer, 875 Remote, --Fuji Systems/Kanematsu FZ-1134 Journal, FZ-2144 Journal, --IBM 4651, 4655, 4661, --IPC M173iP - PRT 267, MPS-328, PRT 267-081, PRT 270, --Kingtron CL Series, --Krone EFT Printer, --Micros 1200 W, 1700 Main, 2700 Receipt & Journal, 4000 W, --Nabanco Accesspoint Printer, --NCR 2170 W/2173 Kitchen Printer, 2170 W/7160 Kitchen, 2174 Remote, 2190, 7161 Kitchen Ptr - New, 7445 - 100X, 7454, --Norand 4810, --Okidata Okipos 441 Series, --Olympia ADP-300, --Omniprint OM-100, OM-200, OM-265 Receipt, OPC-200, --Panasonic 7000 - P100 WP, JS-7000 Main, JS-8000 Main, P100WP, PM300, --Pertech Resources Inc. 5351, 5354, 5371, 5374, --Remanco Vision System, --Royal CMS-9160, --Sanyo ECR 590, ECR 595, --Sharp ER-2975, ER-3210, --Siemens 70 Beetle Printer, --TEC RE-2000 Slip, RE-2500 Slip, RE-3000 Slip, RE-3500 Slip, --Tidel is1000, is6000, --Towa ET 1420, --Tripod DR 0107, --Triton 9500, --Uniwell TP-420, TP-422, TP-522, TP-722, --Verifone Diamond Supersystem, Emerald Supersystem, Gemstone Line, P220, P250, P500, Sapphire Supersystem, Tranz 330 W/P250, VRP 2000, --Wincor Nixdorf ND 62, --Woojin ADP-200, ADP-300, ADP-400. This offer is for one (1) black and red superior replacement correctable ribbon cartridge for the Data Products R1717, Epson ERC23 and the Nukote® BR274.

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Black and Red
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