IDEAL AP80 Pro Air Purifier

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IDEAL AP80 PRO Air Purifier

Monroe Systems for Business is thrilled to introduce the MBM AP80 PRO Air Purifier, a pinnacle of air purification technology designed by MBM Corporation. Tailored for spaces up to 800 square feet, this air purifier is ideal for enhancing air quality in larger rooms and commercial spaces with its powerful yet efficient filtration system. The AP80 PRO stands out with its advanced features, ensuring a clean, healthy, and odor-free environment perfect for living areas, kitchens, and office spaces.

Key Features:

  • High-Efficiency Filtration: Features a 360° multi-layer filter system, including a fine mesh prefilter, true HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter, effectively removing fine dust, pollen, and odors.
  • Smart Operation Modes: Equipped with auto, manual, and turbo modes, plus a super-quiet night mode, allowing for tailored air purification based on current indoor air quality, which is monitored by advanced sensors.
  • Ultra Quiet and Energy Efficient: With noise levels ranging from 18.7 dB to 63.4 dB and an integrated GreenTech EC motor, it offers significant energy savings and silent operation.
  • RFID Filter Recognition: Ensures easy and accurate filter replacement, enhancing the user experience and maintaining optimal filtration efficiency.
  • Intuitive Control Panel and Remote: Offers easy access to all functions, including a timer and child-proof lock, complemented by a magnetic remote control for convenient storage.
  • Air Quality Indicator: Utilizes a color-coded 3-level RGB LED to display the air quality, also serving as a gentle night light.
  • App Connectivity: Provides additional control and customization through the IDEAL Air PRO app, available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Long Filter Life: Designed for durability, the 360° filter needs replacement approximately every 12 months, depending on usage, with the device automatically indicating when a change is due.

The AP80 PRO Air Purifier, with its dimensions of 18.4" x 10.8" x 26.3" and a shipping weight of 41 lbs, is compact yet powerful. Its coverage area is effectively doubled to 1,600 sq ft based on 4 air exchanges per hour, making it a versatile solution for improving indoor air quality. The air purifier is UL approved, meets California ozone emissions limits, and is CARB certified, ensuring it meets the highest standards for safety and environmental impact.


Watch the video below to see the IDEAL AP80 Air Purifier in action!


Click on the link below to view the IDEAL AP80 PRO AIR PURIFIER Spec Sheet.



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Warranty Information

1-year limited warranty, excluding wearables from MBM
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Additional Information

Power supply:
120 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Fan speed:
5 levels
Noise levels (dB):
18.7 / 28.8 / 37.3 / 46.7 / 63.4
Air flow:
470 CFM
Maximum coverage area:
1,600 sq feet (based upon two air exchange cycles)
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