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Little Debbie Nutty Bars Big Pack

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  • Little Debbie Nutty Buddy Bars Big Pack
  • Little Debbie Nutty Buddy Bars Big Pack
  • Little Debbie Nutty Buddy Bars Big Pack



Little Debbie Nutty Bars Big Pack

Monroe Systems for Business offers the Little Debbie Nutty Bars Big Pack, perfect for satisfying your sweet and crunchy cravings. Each box contains 12 twin-wrapped Nutty Buddies, making it ideal for sharing or enjoying on the go.

What Makes Them So Yummy?

  • Individually Wrapped: Each box contains 12 twin-wrapped Nutty Buddies, ensuring freshness and convenience.
  • Delicious Layers: Crunchy wafer bars layered with rich peanut butter crème and coated in a chocolatey layer.
  • Guaranteed Freshness: Delivered well within the manufacturer's recommended use-by, sell-by, or best-by date.
  • Versatile Enjoyment: Great for school, college, work, or any time you need a delicious treat.
  • Convenient and Nutritious: Perfect for office snacks, lunches, desserts, or a quick snack at home.

How do you describe the sensation of a Nutty Buddy wafer? Is it the classic crunch as you snap into your first bar? Is it the layers of delicious peanut butter crème in every bite? Maybe it’s the chocolatey coating lightly covering each bar so the iconic crisscross pattern of the wafers shows through? Or is it because there’s always one to share with a friend? Whatever the reason, Nutty Buddy wafer bars are fun for everyone.

Nutty Buddy wafers were one of the first multipack creations by the Little Debbie snack company. This quintessential treat has been a shopping cart staple since 1964 and is still one of the top Little Debbie snacks going home with families every day.

Little Debbie's make for a delicious treat for your child in school, in their college dorm, or even for you at work! They are perfect for your office, lunches, snacks, desserts, or any time you're craving something delicious. Each order contains classic crunchy wafer bars full of the great taste of peanut butter and covered in fudge. These wholesome snacks are often used in recipes, added as a special topping, or warmed up in the oven.


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    Posted by Bryan D on Oct 21, 2020

    These Buddy Bars are the best. Crunchy and yummy!

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