Monroe P65M Ribbon Spools

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  • Front view of Monroe P65M Universal Ribbon Spools
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Monroe P65M Universal Ribbon Spools

Monroe's engineers have developed the best available universal twin-spool ribbons for calculators, the Monroe P65M. This ribbon will fit every Monroe calculator model. Monroe pushed every envelope when designing a ribbon with the highest inking degree on the market and eliminated the risk of ink smudges. Monroe has even developed a true red ink that is extremely rich in color and used exclusively by Monroe, unlike the orange tint you see in watered down versions from other brands. To maintain the darkest print on their paper tape, users of Monroe products are suggested to change their Monroe P65M ribbons after replacing 3 paper tape rolls. Those who know, choose Monroe.

For use in the following calculators:
Addo-X P14
Adler 1210, 1200PD, 120P, 120PD, 121P, 121PD, 12PM, 1410P, 1410PD, 1414P
Burroughs 3000, 4000, 4600, 6000, C2439, C6453, C6453, EA 2100, S600, S690
Canon 3CP1008-D, CP1011-D, CP1200-D, CP1212-D, CP1230-D, CP1231-D, CP1240 EPC-10, HS-20TG
Casio 63-ER, DL-210, DL-220, DL-250, DL-300, DL-310, DL-320, DR-1210, DR-1212, DR-1410, DR-1411, DR-250HD, DR-6210P, DR-6220P, MP-41 DH, R1, R1001, R12, R120, R1203
Data Products R3027
Facit 1175, 1177, 1190, 1191, 2201, 2202, 2204, 2251, 2252, 2253, 2257, 2259
Hermes 1000, 1100, 4200
HP 46, 81, 9805
Miida All calculator models
Monroe All calculator models
NCR 18-36, 18-38
Nippon 2000
Olympia CPD-7220, EC-1195, EC-3000, EC-4000, EC-6000, EC-7000
Quill P-712D, P-713D, P-714, QX-714
Rapid Data 2000, 2001, 4000
Remington 1200 Series
Rockwell 400 Series
Royal 100P, 12PR, 1410P, 1410PD, 1428PD, 300P, 300PD, 350PD, 420PD, 435PD, 960PD
Sanya 1415P, 1416P, 2100P
Sharp 500, 742, 743, 823, 824, 3300, 3800, 300 Series, 600 Series, CS-1181, CS-1606, CS-1780, CS-2053, CS-2062, CS-2137, CS-2157, EL-1630, EL-2630, EL-2630GII, VX-1612, VX-1652, VX-2650
Smith Corona 820, 450 DLD, Deville 510, DX-520, SL-460, SL-470
Texas Instruments 5200, 5213, 5215, 5217, 5219, 5320, 5330, 5340, 5660
Toshiba BC-1292P, BC-1293P, BC-1294PV, BC-1295V, BC-93564
Underwood 581, 582-PD
Victor 100, 332, 350, 1280, 1520, 1530, 1600, 1645, 1655, 1670, 1675, 1500 Series, 600 Series, 800 Series
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