10 Office Supplies You Need For Your Office

10 Office Supplies You Need For Your Office


Are you looking to restock your office with new supplies? Are you a brand new business who is wondering what your office will need to get up and running?

Office supplies are essential to running a good business. In fact, estimates indicate that businesses spend $200 per employee per year on office supplies.

In the modern days of technology, not every office will need tons of traditional supplies. It's important you purchase office supplies that are relevant to your business and are helpful to your employees.

This guide will give you the top 10 office supplies you need.

1) High-Quality Printer

Even though most files are saved digitally, there will still be times when you and your employees need hard copies of your work.

Invest in a high-quality printer that will last for many years. Buy a printer that also functions as a copier and a fax machine so that all of your needs are met with one machine.

A great printer will also do your stapling for you and complete other functions. This will ultimately save you and your employees time.

2) Standing Desks

Sitting for eight hours a day is not good for the health of you or your employees.

Fix this by purchasing a number of standing desks so that your employees have the option to sit or stand. Equip the desks with phones, computers, and office supplies.

This gesture will show that you care about your employees' health and will win you major points as a boss. Standing up throughout the day is shown to increase blood flow and help people think more clearly.

3) Tablets

Nothing shows that you're in touch with the world of technology better than buying your employees iPads.

Tablets allow your employees to walk around while they work. Tablets can easily be used to take notes in meetings.

They're a great addition to traditional desktop computers found in more workplaces. Plus, if you have customers coming in or out of your office, they can pay by swiping their cards on your tablet card reader.

4) File Cabinets

Your office will need file cabinets to store all of your printed documents.

Make sure you pick an organizational system early and stick to it. Documents should consistently be placed in the right section of the cabinet to avoid mass chaos.

Good systems for filing could be alphabetical or chronological. Use colors for different types of files. Just be sure to keep your cabinet organized.

5) White Board

While a whiteboard might seem outdated, it is essential for those classic office brainstorming sessions.

There is something great about turning off the tech and putting your minds together in front of a whiteboard. You can write everybody's ideas down quickly and efficiently on the whiteboard and then take a picture of it on your smartphone after if you have to!

A whiteboard is also a good place to write down weekly goals for you and your employees and cross them out when you finish them. There's something satisfying about working when you have goals you can visually see.

6) Coffee Maker

Without coffee, your office's productivity would plummet. Most Americans have at least one cup of coffee a day. Providing a coffee maker in the workplace cuts down on afternoon trips to the cafe.

Make sure you provide coffee for you and your employees with a coffee maker and a well-stocked coffee selection.

Coffee makers come in all different types. Keurig coffee makers could be best for small offices where only one person is making coffee at a time. Espresso machines could be a good choice for hardcore coffee loving offices.

Traditional coffee makers are probably best for most offices as they provide plenty of coffee for multiple people at once.

7) Cleaning Supplies

It's easy when you're working hard to forget to keep the office clean.

Keeping the office clean will fend off germs and keep your employees well. If you want to decrease sick days, then wipe off surfaces that are commonly touched by your employees.

You can split the cleaning chores up between different departments in the office if you want to lessen the load and teach responsibility.

For instance, the HR department could handle dusting, accounting department could handle the vacuum, and reception could handle wiping off the desks.

Emphasize cleanliness to your employees so that chores don't build up. You want your office looking clean if prospective customers or clients visit.

8) Mail Supplies

It is inevitable that your office will need to send mail out.

Be sure to stock up on mail supplies such as stamps, envelopes, and a return sticker to put in the corner of your envelopes. Printing return stickers with your office address will save a lot of time and keep you from having to rewrite the address every time you send a letter out.

9) Camera

Investing in a DSLR camera is a good move for your business.

We live in a world where everything is documented online. You don't want to leave your business out of the online sphere.

Take high-quality photos of your office so that you can post them online and people can get a better idea for the feel of your company. Presenting your company well will attract the right kinds of people towards you.

10) Basic Paper Supplies

Don't be caught in a meeting with a dead laptop and not be able to take notes.

Always have plenty of paper products lying around the office in case technology fails.

Notebooks, legal pads, loose leaf paper, and folders should all be easily accessible to your employees. Of course, there's no point in having paper if you have no pens so invest in a large number of pens as well.

Take This List of Office Supplies and Go Shopping Today

The office supplies on this list will greatly enhance your modern workspace.

Having the best supplies is essential for your employees to work well and feel productive. Be sure to regularly check with your employees to see if there are other supplies they need to do their jobs better.

Once your office is properly stocked, you'll be able to become a better boss all around. To learn more, check out this article on becoming a better leader in business.


Nov 21, 2018 Monroe Systems for Business

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