7 Essential Free Productivity Apps for the Modern Office

7 Essential Free Productivity Apps for the Modern Office


Boosting Office Productivity: Top Free Apps to Consider

In the digital age, the multitude of gadgets and devices in the modern office feature as many distractions as they do tools. And an increasing reliance on personal devices for work enhances this problem. However, with thousands of free applications available for download, it’s easier than ever to optimize office productivity through technology. So here are some free productivity apps from the Google Store to help your office perform at its best.

1. Slack

Keep your coworkers within virtual earshot with the ability to message anyone in your office instantly. Faster than email and more organized than text, Slack allows you to message an individual, a group, or the entire office. Coordinate projects, schedule meetings, and make lunch plans, all through this free and easy-to-use software. Conveniently, Slack is available for your smartphone as well.

2. Asana

The easy-to-use virtual company office planner: Asana lets you manage your projects and tasks within the office while keeping a running agenda in your browser. This app is also sharable and accessible to the whole team. Instantly update your employees or boss on the tasks you’re working on, assign new projects, or update due dates. Get live updates, track progress, and eliminate confusion over who is assigned what.

3. DocHub

Merge, edit, and fax PDF files in your browser. This PDF editor streamlines the process of putting online signatures and edits on PDF files. With options to open documents from email and web pages, this app eliminates the burden of saving PDF files to your hard drive and removes the clutter from your desktop, hence, keeping your drive organized.

4. Self Control

A saving grace for workers and students alike, this app blocks distracting websites from your browser for a set period of time. Designed to maximize productivity and limit the temptation to procrastinate. Between now and the end of the day, mindlessly wandering onto Facebook, CNN, ESPN, or Reddit will prompt an error screen, helping to make your browser distraction-free without the invasiveness of a company firewall.

5. Streak

Track your emails and eliminate the uncertainty in your outbox. Know how many times your message has been seen and forwarded. This app is a great tool for time-sensitive projects, getting feedback on email campaigns, and knowing when to send follow-up messages. Most importantly, this app lets you know when potential employers look at your application, and how many times they do.

6. TrackingTime

Track how long you’ve spent on each project and each task. This app gives you an organized summary of how you allocate your time each day while helping to measure productivity and providing information about how long certain tasks take to your employer. This app is great for billing clients, time management, and balancing multiple projects.

7. Pocket

Save and share articles and webpages from your browser. This app eliminates the burden of unnecessary and excessive tabs when you want to save an article or a webpage for later. Never miss out on a news story or interesting article because of a cluttered browser ever again. Keep your articles saved and your desktop organized.


Sep 05, 2016 Scott La Rochelle

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