Back to Basics: The Enduring Appeal of Manual Typewriters

Back to Basics: The Enduring Appeal of Manual Typewriters


Why Manual Typewriters Remain Relevant in a Digital Age

These days, it seems like more and more people are getting sick of dealing with computers.

Isn’t it time you thought about giving manual typewriters a try?

Check out the 8 reasons why you should make the switch.

1. You Don’t Have To Download Updates Every Other Day

It seems like every time you open your laptop, you’re being pestered to download the “latest” software, upgrade your web browser, or install some sort of anti-virus software.

This kind of stuff is what makes people want to throw their computers against a wall.

Fortunately, you can avoid this annoyance by writing on a manual typewriter.

Imagine one day without a “friendly reminder” that it’s been 200 plus days since you ran updates on your computer popping up in the right-hand corner of your screen.

That’s enough of a reason to go with a manual typewriter.

2. You’re Not Susceptible To Hacking

Here’s some “comforting” news: over 30,000 websites are hacked every day, and 47% of adults have had their personal computers hacked.

This means that your work files are never really safe unless they’re handwritten – and remember, not all sensitive information is contained in your emails. Sometimes, people create desktop documents that contain financial information, password lists, or just personal information.

Using a manual typewriter is a great alternative to protecting your personal information without having to write it out long-hand.

You’ll be able to protect your files in a drawer with a key, not with some password that, let’s be honest, half the people who know you could probably guess within an hour.

These days, more and more people are getting concerned about cyber security, and as the statistics above show, with good reason.

You’ll sleep easier at night knowing your truly personal information was written on a manual typewriter and is stored safely in your desk.

3. You’ve Got A Physical Backup Of Your Work

Everyone has a story.

“My cat spilled my water glass on my keyboard.”

“My toddler dropped my computer.”

“I have no idea what happened, but all of a sudden my computer screen went black.”

They all end the same way:

“I lost all my files.”

Fortunately, this doesn’t happen when you’re using a manual typewriter – and you can even create carbon copies of your work for an extra backup method.

Be honest with yourself: when was the last time you actually backed up your desktop files? Yeah, we thought so. It’s time to look into a manual typewriter.

Plus, keeping track of your files helps make you a great leader.

4. They’re Far More Affordable

And we’re not just talking about the money they can save you on the initial cost.

When you look at the repair costs, the time and productivity (read: money) you lose while waiting on repairs, the cost of upgrades, power cords, and even new machines…

Yeah, you get it. Manual typewriters are much more affordable than their digital counterparts. All you need to get is the ink and a few other small things from time to time.

Manual typewriters aren’t trying to “game” you into buying more by giving you poor quality parts: they’re built to last.

5. They Appreciate In Value

Typewriters aren’t just a great way to avoid technology – they’re also a pretty smart investment. Lots of people are getting into collecting typewriters, and perhaps surprisingly, it’s quickly turning into a lucrative industry.

When you’re ready to switch to a different model, or if you’re just moving and can’t take your typewriter with you, don’t be shocked if your typewriter sells for more than you initially paid for it.

Some eBay listings have shown manual typewriters for sale for over $1,000 – that’s hardly spare change.

6. They Don’t Require Electricity

This may sound silly to some of our readers but remember: in some parts of the world, access to consistent electricity is a real problem – and one that affects both profits and workflow.

Especially in India, where many Western countries outsource their work to companies that are heavily reliant on computers, typewriters have been a real lifesaver when the electricity is on the fritz.

Plus, if your company is experiencing a consistent power outage, no one will be laughing when, thanks to your manual typewriter, you’re the only one who won’t have to work over the weekend.

7. They Train You To Slow Down

Even if you’re not on a tight deadline, we’ve all felt the urge to rush through work from time to time.

But since manual typewriters don’t have a backspace, they force you to be more deliberate with your word choice, to take your time, and to avoid careless errors.

Trust us when we tell you: if you use a typewriter, you’ll start to see the quality of your work improve. Typewriters are a great way to self-edit as you go along, ultimately saving you more time.

And hey, your spelling will improve, too.

8. Alright, Fine: They’re Cool

There’s no point in denying that using manual typewriters is just more fun than typing away on a keyboard. When you’re using a typewriter, you’re using the same tool that famous writers like Jack Kerouac and Cormac McCarthy did.

On top of that, the sound the keys make is just so…satisfying. (Not to mention, it’s a great way to get revenge on the neighbors that wake you up at 5:00 AM on the weekends.) It’s hard not to feel insanely productive when you’re hammering away, especially if you’re in a creative field.

Nostalgia is in: but when it comes to manual typewriters, there’s actually good reason for it – you’re not blindly following a trend.

Those Are Just A Few Reasons To Own A Manual Typewriter

You don’t need to live in Brooklyn and walk around with a handlebar mustache to enjoy the benefits of a manual typewriter – you just need to care about your work, want to protect it, and want to enjoy doing it.


Jun 14, 2017 Andrei Petre

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