Enhancing Accounting Efficiency: The Monroe Printing Calculator Advantage


10 Key Benefits of Using Monroe Printing Calculators in Accounting

As long as the world keeps auditing credits and debits, crunching numbers, and performing calculations, the printing calculator will continue to be the most reliable and convenient accounting tool available. Since 1912, Monroe has designed desktop printing calculators that are easy to use, quick, and accurate, and that meet the daily requirements of accountants, financial professionals, and anyone who is tasked with balancing a cash drawer at the end of the day.

Whether you use a calculator every day or just a few times a week, Monroe’s medium- and heavy-duty calculators are equipped with all of the features you’ll need to get the job done.

Let’s jump right in and look at 10 ways a Monroe printing calculator makes calculating less complicated:

  1. A printing calculator eliminates nearly all of the ways your data can be stolen or compromised through digital accounting — a printing calculator cannot be hacked, transmit, or send data, and it cannot save or store your data.
  2. A printing calculator is distraction-free, update-free, doesn't require saving, and doesn't require you to retrieve your printed document.
  3. The printing calculator can produce color-coded numbers for quick interpretation of negatives and positives (red and black ink, respectively).
  4. Monroe calculators feature a large, easy-to-read display — which means you don't have to squint!
  5. You can easily check your calculations when complete with a printout — just line up your printout next to your ledger to check each calculation to ensure accuracy.
  6. Many of our users have reported being able to crunch numbers faster on a Monroe printing calculator than on a typical 10-key (keyboard number pad). A Monroe is also faster than using Microsoft Excel or doing calculations on a cell phone or iPad. A group of Rutgers School of Business students witnessed this firsthand when Mike Prash, key accounts manager and national casino specialist at Monroe, challenged them in a race between the Monroe UltimateX, Microsoft Excel, and two cell phone calculators. The students saw that there was no competition when it came to accuracy and speed. Click here to watch the video.
  7. You can print out your calculations and staple the tape to a stack of receipts and save it as a permanent copy to quickly know the total (this is a great solution for written-off business expense receipts).
  8. You can create an audit trail that allows for auditors to quickly verify the accuracy of calculations. The reprint key comes in handy for this. The only printing calculator on the market today that has reprint and editing capabilities is the Monroe UltimateX.
  9. The printing calculator is optimized to carry out advanced business functions like profit margin, tax, currency exchange, percentage values, and many other functions.
  10. The Memory feature allows users to revisit their work and edit previous calculations. If you’re an accountant, you may sometimes need a great memory function. This means your calculator can save some digits to be re-entered later and it will allow you to run multiple columns. Others will need more complex features to edit entries, reprint tapes, and more.
  11. But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It, Take Theirs

    Monroe customer Carl Esakson of Arnie’s Bakery was given his first Monroe 1330 printing calculator 30 years ago and now uses a Monroe 8130X.

    Monroe customer Carl Esakson, the billing administrator of Arnie’s Bakery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was given his first Monroe 1330 desktop printing calculator 30 years ago.

    “The owner told me the Monroe 1330 was a good machine, and I have used it every day since June 1988 for day-to-day calculations. Since then, the other six employees that I have worked with have gone through multiple calculators, which were not Monroes. I used mine until it finally quit in January 2019.”

    Impressed with the longevity of the Monroe 1330, Esakson decided to stay with the Monroe brand and purchased a Monroe 8130X 12-digit basic function heavy-duty accounting printing calculator.

    “It’s as fast as I am, easy to use, and the keys are very nicely defined on the Monroe 8130X.”

    To learn more about Esakson’s journey and how using a Monroe has been crucial to the century-old business, read the full story here.

    Another Monroe user named Keane J. K. Akao, executive director of the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaii based in Honolulu, began his Monroe journey 18 years ago.

    “I am a big Monroe calculator fan,” says Akao, who has been using a Monroe since he was 19. “The first CFO that I worked with had a Monroe, and I have found that Monroe calculators are the best … every time I move to an organization, I take my calculator with me — the 7130, which I have had for about 10 years — and I always roll out Monroe calculators to my accounting staff.”

    Akao says that the staff that he has worked with have been happy with Monroe’s products and that one new member of the accounting team at the Association was even thrilled with her latest Monroe, an 8130X, which was received in March.

    “It was like Christmas morning,” Akao says, describing the excitement that he shared with his staff member when the 8130X arrived that day.

    To read more about how Monroe has improved Akao and his staff’s workflow over the years, click here.

    You might be wondering: Which printing calculator is right for me? Give us a call (267) 580-2600 Monday through Friday from 8 AM – 5 PM EST and any of our representatives will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.


Apr 04, 2019 Julie Greenbaum

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