Monroe Calculators: A Non-Profit Leader's Tool for Success

Monroe Calculators: A Non-Profit Leader's Tool for Success


Empowering Non-Profit Financials with Monroe Calculators

“I am a big Monroe calculator fan,” says Keane J. K. Akao, Executive Director of the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaii, a non-profit association that supports those with disabilities, including Cerebral Palsy, and their families. The association provides programs and services that improve quality of life.

Akao, who has been a long-time Monroe customer, began using a Monroe when he was 19, and 18 years later, he still prefers a Monroe over other brands. “The first CFO that I worked with had a Monroe, and I have found that Monroe calculators are the best.”

Having a printing calculator that is reliable and accurate has been key to his work over the years. Akao, who has been in his most recent role since January 2019, oversees the daily operations of the Association and has worked in paid non-profit management for 10 years.

Putting a Monroe Calculator to the Test

An estimated 4,100 people in Hawaii have been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Akao and his staff at the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaii, work to raise awareness of Cerebral Palsy in Hawaii. This includes fundraisers like the 32nd Annual Great Hawaii Rubber Duckie Race March, and the Great Aloha Run. So, having a reliable calculator is crucial in helping them keep track of their finances.

“Every time I move to an organization, I take my calculator with me — the 7130, which I have had for about 10 years — and I always roll out Monroe calculators to my accounting staff.”

Akao says that the staff that he has worked with have been happy with Monroe’s products. One new member of the accounting team at the Association was even thrilled with her latest Monroe, an 8130X 12-digit heavy-duty calculator, which was received in March.

“It was like Christmas morning,” Akao says, describing the excitement that he shared with his staff member when the 8130X arrived that day.

“The 8130X is a much better instrument than the one my staff member was previously using; she appreciates how legible the information is, and just loves it.”

All of the calculators that Akao has purchased from Monroe have had the enclosed paper roll since he prefers that over a machine with an external paper roll.

Having a paper roll stored internally is ideal because it prevents external dust and debris from getting on the paper roll, increasing the working life of the calculator. (Read our blog to learn more about the benefits of an enclosed paper roll.)

Other features that Akao says he likes about Monroe calculators are their reliability, ease of use, the feel of the keyboard, and the display. “Most importantly, I know when I turn on my calculator it's going to work,” he says.

Another plus about Monroe products, he adds, is the level of customer service and how Monroe stands behind their products. “I'm just happy with the service and the ease of being able to order replacement ribbons and paper. The interface online is also easy to use,” he concludes.


Feb 20, 2019 Julie Greenbaum

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