Why A Printing Calculator Beats Excel In Every Accounting Task

Why A Printing Calculator Beats Excel In Every Accounting Task


The Unparalleled Advantages of Printing Calculators Over Excel



As we navigate the 21st century, the allure of digital tools and software is undeniable. Walk into any modern office, and you'll likely find professionals immersed in software applications, with Microsoft Excel being a standout favorite. Its grid of rows and columns has become synonymous with data management, financial modeling, and so much more.

However, not all tasks in the world of finance and accounting are best suited for a screen. For many professionals, especially those who've experienced the precision and immediacy of older tools, the tactile feel of a printing calculator remains irreplaceable. There's a unique sense of trust and reliability associated with these devices, which have been around long before the first spreadsheet software made its debut.

Nevertheless why do so many seasoned accountants and even some of the newer generation still swear by the printing calculator in this age of digital dominance? Why does a device, which at first glance seems to belong to a bygone era, continue to find space on the desks of many professionals? The reasons are more compelling than you might think. In this article, we'll explore the enduring charm of the printing calculator and uncover the distinct advantages it holds over even the most sophisticated software like Excel.

Physical Records

1. Instant Physical Records: The Assurance of Tangibility

  • Excel: In the digital realm of Microsoft Excel, documenting calculations takes on a multi-step process. First, there's the task of inputting the data, which can involve multiple cells, formulas, and sheets. Once your calculations are complete, safeguarding that data requires saving the file, a step that, if overlooked, can result in a loss of all your work. In need of a physical copy? That adds another layer of effort. You'll need to set up the print parameters, ensure you have a working printer connection, and then actually print the document. This not only consumes time but also makes the process susceptible to errors, such as mistakenly printing the wrong range of cells or overlooking unsaved changes.

  • Printing Calculator: In contrast, the beauty of a printing calculator lies in its immediate tangibility. As soon as you punch in numbers and execute a calculation, the result is right there, printed on a continuous tape. There's no risk of forgetting to save or the hassles of digital-to-physical conversion. This instant record provides an unparalleled advantage, especially in scenarios demanding quick turnarounds. Need to cross-check a series of calculations? The tape is right there for reference. Engaged in an audit and need to provide receipts or evidence of your calculations? The printing calculator has already done the documentation for you, in real time. It's this immediacy, combined with the assurance of a physical record, that makes printing calculators an enduring favorite among many finance professionals.
Speed and Efficiency

2. Speed and Efficiency: Getting Results When You Need Them

  • Excel: The capabilities of Microsoft Excel are vast. From intricate data visualizations to complex financial models, its potential is, without doubt, impressive. However, this versatility comes at the cost of speed for simpler tasks. Imagine you're in a meeting, and you need to quickly validate a figure. With Excel, you're looking at launching the application, possibly waiting for updates, opening or creating a file, and then setting up your cells or spreadsheet. Even for those proficient in Excel, this can be a several minute process. Formatting cells, entering formulas, and ensuring that references are correct all add layers of complexity. While these steps provide flexibility for larger projects, they can be cumbersome when quick calculations are needed.

  • Printing Calculator: In contrast, the printing calculator embodies simplicity and immediacy. Need a quick calculation? Key in the numbers, and the result prints out instantly. There's no software to boot up, no cells to format, and no formulas to remember. Our Monroe printing calculators are designed for professional speed. The soft keys reduce finger fatigue, allowing for rapid input, while the Individual Keyswitch Technology (IKT) minimizes the risk of mis-keys. This ensures that not only are your calculations faster, but they're also more accurate. For tasks that demand real-time results, such as reconciling accounts during a client call or validating figures in a fast-paced discussion, the printing calculator's efficiency is unmatched.
No Internet, No Problem

3. No Internet, No Problem: Dependability in All Situations

  • Excel: Microsoft Excel, especially its more recent versions, has moved towards integrating with cloud-based platforms like OneDrive. This evolution has many advantages: real-time collaboration, easy access from multiple devices, and automatic backups, to name a few. However, these features come with a caveat—they often require a steady internet connection. What happens when the Wi-Fi goes down or when you're working in a location with spotty internet? Suddenly, accessing cloud-saved files becomes a challenge. Even if you're working offline, some functionalities, like certain data analysis tools or real-time collaboration features, can be hampered or entirely inaccessible without the internet. This dependence can be a significant bottleneck, especially when you need to work seamlessly or are facing tight deadlines.

  • Printing Calculator: On the other hand, a printing calculator's beauty lies in its standalone nature. It's a tool that's always ready, no need for internet connectivity or software updates. Whether you're in the middle of a bustling city or a remote location without Wi-Fi, your printing calculator remains unfazed, delivering consistent performance. There's no need to worry about software updates interrupting your workflow or cloud sync issues delaying your tasks. With a printing calculator, you have a tool that’s as reliable as the paper it prints on, ensuring that you can work efficiently and without interruptions, no matter where you are.
Security and Confidentiality

4. Security and Confidentiality: Keeping Your Data Safe and Private

  • Excel: While Microsoft Excel and its integrated cloud platforms offer robust security features, they are not immune to breaches, especially when used improperly. Digital files can inadvertently be shared with the wrong individuals, or they can be accessed if left open on shared or unsecured networks. Furthermore, cyberattacks targeting software vulnerabilities are on the rise. Ransomware attacks, where hackers lock files and demand payment for their release, or phishing schemes that trick individuals into providing access, can compromise sensitive financial data. Even simple human errors, like sending a file to the wrong email recipient or failing to set the correct sharing permissions, can lead to unintended data exposure.

  • Printing Calculator: The printing calculator provides a layer of security that digital tools simply cannot replicate. When you use a printing calculator, the output—the tangible tape—contains all the data. There's no digital footprint left behind that can be intercepted, no files that can be mistakenly shared, and no risk of cyberattacks. The physical nature of the data means you have full control over who sees it and how it's stored. For sensitive financial information, especially client data that demands the utmost confidentiality, this level of security is invaluable. It ensures that your data, and your reputation, remain uncompromised.

5. Reliability: Ensuring Consistent Performance in Every Situation

  • Excel: The power of modern computers and the capabilities of software like Microsoft Excel are unquestionably vast. However, with this technological advancement comes a set of vulnerabilities. Software can have bugs or unexpected errors, often triggered by updates or compatibility issues. Computers themselves can fail at inopportune moments whether it is from a hardware malfunction, operating system crash, or a drained battery. Any unsaved data can be lost, leading to potential hours of work vanishing in an instant. Moreover, file corruption, while rare, is a real concern. An Excel file that worked perfectly yesterday might refuse to open today, presenting error messages that can be both baffling and frustrating. These uncertainties, especially in high-stakes financial environments, can pose significant challenges.

  • Printing Calculator: When you pick up a printing calculator, especially one from Monroe, you're not just using a tool—you're engaging with a legacy of reliability. Our Monroe printing calculators are engineered with durability in mind. Their sturdy build ensures that they can withstand the rigors of daily professional use. There are no software updates to contend with, no screens that can freeze, and no waiting time for booting up. When you press a key, you get an immediate response, every single time. This consistency is invaluable, especially when working under pressure or dealing with critical financial tasks. With a Monroe printing calculator by your side, you have the assurance of a tool that delivers, day in and day out, unmatched reliability.

6. Accessibility: Ensuring Your Tools are Always Within Reach

  • Excel: While Microsoft Excel is a versatile and powerful tool, its accessibility is bound by certain constraints. To use Excel, you need a computer, laptop, or a tablet with the necessary software installed. Even with lighter devices like tablets or smartphones, you might not get the full range of functionalities that a desktop version offers. Plus, depending on the device's battery life and available power sources, your usage might be limited. And what if you forget your device, or it's undergoing repairs? Your access to Excel and your critical files could be temporarily halted, causing potential disruptions to your work.

  • Printing Calculator: In contrast, a printing calculator epitomizes convenience. These devices, especially our Monroe models, are designed with flexibility in mind. They're compact enough to fit into any workspace, ensuring there is always somewhere to put it in any workspace. There’s no setup time; you simply place it on a surface, plug it in, switch it on, and you're ready to calculate. Whether you're visiting a client's office for an on-site consultation, or working from home, a printing calculator is always ready. Its independence from software, internet, and extensive boot-up times ensures that you have a reliable tool at your fingertips, no matter the location or circumstance.

7. Simplicity: The Power of User-Friendly Design

  • Excel: Microsoft Excel is an embodiment of versatility. With its vast array of functions, capabilities, and customizations, it caters to a diverse range of tasks, from basic data entry to complex statistical analyses. However, this depth also brings complexity. For someone new to Excel or even for those who only use a fraction of its functionalities, the software can seem overwhelming. The multitude of toolbars, functions, and options can be daunting. To truly harness its potential, formal training, online tutorials, or hours of self-exploration will be needed. Even then, updates or newer versions can introduce changes that require relearning or adaptation. For tasks that demand simplicity and straightforwardness, this learning curve can be a hindrance.

  • Printing Calculator: In stark contrast stands the printing calculator, a beacon of simplicity. Its design is intuitive; the buttons are clearly labeled, and the functions are straightforward. Whether you're a seasoned accountant familiar with various financial tools or someone just starting in the profession, using a printing calculator is almost second nature. There's no need to navigate through menus, search for functions, or worry about software versions. Every calculation is immediate, clear, and uncomplicated. Our Monroe printing calculators are designed with user experience in mind, ensuring that professionals can focus on their tasks without the distraction of complex interfaces or functionalities.


In the realm of finance and accounting, the tools we choose often dictate the efficiency and accuracy of our work. While Microsoft Excel is undeniably powerful and versatile, it isn't without its limitations.

Excel's capabilities shine in data analysis, visualization, and complex computations. However, for tasks requiring immediate feedback, a tangible trail of calculations, and a tool that’s ready to work irrespective of software or internet glitches, the printing calculator emerges as the superior choice.

The reliability of a printing calculator is unparalleled. Think of those crucial moments when you need to provide a client with instant calculations and you just can't rely on a computer. A printing calculator is unfazed by these challenges, offering consistent performance every time.

Monroe Systems for Business has recognized the timeless value of the printing calculator for over a century. Since our inception in 1912, we've witnessed the evolution of financial tools and technologies. Yet, through all these advancements, the demand and relevance of the printing calculator have remained steadfast. Our dedication to this tool stems from its proven utility, durability, and the sheer simplicity it brings to the often-complex world of accounting.

For professionals who prioritize precision, speed, and reliability, the choice is clear. A Monroe printing calculator doesn't just enhance your toolkit; it elevates your entire working process, ensuring you're always at the top of your game.

Discover the range of our Monroe printing calculators and experience the difference firsthand!


Aug 18, 2023 Brandon Leip

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