The Monroe 2020PlusX Gets It Done for An Oklahoma School

The Monroe 2020PlusX Gets It Done for An Oklahoma School

“Once you make the decision to purchase a Monroe printing calculator, you will never regret it,” says long-time Monroe customer Lorna Hogue, admin office manager, payroll and treasury, superintendent secretary and board minutes clerk, at Dewey Public Schools in Dewey, Okla.

Hogue’s Monroe story began when she “inherited” her first Monroe printing calculator from a former colleague, which she used for 20 years. When it came time to replace that model, Hogue opted for the 2020 Plus II, which she went on to use for the next 10 years.

“I was so impressed with the quality and convenience of the Monroe that when it came time for a new calculator, I contacted Monroe Systems for Business to inquire about replacing the older model I had with something similar.”

Hogue says that there are a host of features that she liked about that model, such as the key layout, the large number display and the fact that it was an ‘easy on the eyes’ green, which reduces fatigue and burnout. She also liked that users can choose whether the entry is either positive or negative after entering the digits, as well as the option to print or not. The #/Date button printing on the left side of the tape was also a plus, Hogue adds. This button is convenient for stamping the date on your tape to know when the calculations were made.

Staying with What Works: A 2020PlusX Printing Calculator

When it came time to replace her 2020 Plus II this past April, Hogue opted for the Monroe 2020PlusX medium-duty desktop calculator since she was pleased with her 2020 Plus II.

“I'm just so happy that my Monroe 2020PlusX is every bit as fantastic as my 2020 Plus II was. The transition was seamless because Monroe takes what they've perfected and builds on it, all while moving forward. A delicate balance perfectly achieved!"

What Hogue likes about her new 2020PlusX is that it has a much quieter, smoother sound as figures print out on the tape. “This is nice when you're in the zone concentrating on someone's salary breakdown,” she explains. “And since it's a nice new machine, the display is so much brighter. That alone helps workflow because I'm not straining when I stare at figures all day.”

As far as aesthetics of Monroe printing calculators, Hogue likes that Monroe calculators are offered in black. “Most of our technology equipment is black (monitors, keyboards, speakers, phones, etc.) so just having that option makes my calculator feel like a part of my office rather than an eye sore that you wish you could hide somewhere,” she relays.

Because Hogue has such a love for the 2020PlusX, she recently ordered one for a new employee in her office, as well.

A Customer Service Team That Supports You Like a Fan Club

Throughout the years of ordering from Monroe, Hogue says that she has been very pleased with the level of service that she has received from the Monroe customer service team.

Hogue says that her experience has always been of the highest quality when ordering and working with the staff at Monroe. "It’s like they are your fan club. They treat you like you are the most important client they have — whether you are ordering a set of products or just gathering information to assist in your decision.”

Hogue continues, “Monroe has the most professional yet personable employee staff of any vendor business we deal with here at our public school in Oklahoma, and they are helpful without being pushy, which is so appreciated.”

Hogue also appreciates when her shipment arrives on time — recalling a time when it had made all the difference during an extremely tedious and demanding payroll month that required much calculation.

“I do payroll for our school system and when we moved offices, I had to order a new Monroe calculator. Within just a couple of days, I received my Monroe and was able to stay right on track with getting my numbers calculated and the payroll out with no problems whatsoever.” 

Monroe ships all orders placed before 3pm Monday-Friday on the same day. We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time and getting our customers their packages as quickly as possible.

Hogue says that she considers herself a customer for life. That was further confirmed when she had to use another printing calculator, a Casio, that was given to her when she worked out of another office one time. Hogue says that it just wasn’t the same.

“I used the calculator that was provided but it was slow, inefficient, and the printout was tiny,” she concludes. “When you've had the best you just can't make do with something subpar! I pray that Monroe will forever be in business so that I won’t ever have to use anything but a Monroe calculator ever again.”

A Look at the 2020PlusX:

The 2020PlusX is available in black or ivory and is ideal for users in any office setting. Users specifically in full-time accounting roles for small businesses and those in purchasing roles, will benefit from using this 12-digit, medium-duty printing calculator. The 2020PlusX features unique keys intended to mimic the heavy-duty series and can be used as a printing calculator, or as a display-only calculator.

Some Key Features of the 2020PlusX Include:

  • Dimensions L"xW"xH": 11.00 x 8.00 x 3.00 in
  • Large 12-digit display with 12.5mm digit height
  • Cupped numeric keypad with a layout similar to heavy-duty models
  • Percent change, markup, grand total, 2 tax keys, and is equipped with a 4-key independent memory are all included
  • Non-add/date function allows you to print a reference number or date
  • Standard 5/4 rounding, round up, or truncate options
  • Item count feature allows you to confirm the number of entries in each calculation

Additional supplies like extra 20-lb. rolls of paper, additional cartridges or ribbon spools, a calculator supply kit, and a foam wedge, can be added to extend the life and get the most out of your calculator.

Price of 2020PlusX: $125.00

Oct 17, 2019

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