​Why the Monroe UltimateX is the Best Printing Calculator

​Why the Monroe UltimateX is the Best Printing Calculator

The calculator has been a trusted tool in the accounting industry for the last 100+ years. And if there’s anything that being in the business for the last 100+ years has taught us, it’s that this isn’t changing any time soon. As the inventor of the world’s first commercial desktop calculator, we thought it was fitting to discuss the reasons why the Monroe UltimateX is the best printing calculator for accountants and how it will impact the industry in the 2020’s.

Let’s dive right in.

To answer this question, I think it’s important to first understand how accountants use printing calculators. After all, printing calculators may contain many different functions that are relevant to different industries.


How do accountants use printing calculators?

Monroe is renowned across the industry for our dependable calculators that provide quick calculations and print speeds, comfortable keyboard feel and layout, and a long list of Monroe exclusive features praised by accountants. They are extremely beneficial to those working with large amounts of data, especially when it comes to record keeping, as the printed audit trail provides a physical record of all calculations made. That core function saves accountants from having to enter their calculations multiple times in order to confirm them.

While accounting software and programs like Microsoft Excel are great for organizing and visualizing data, the printing calculator remains the fastest method of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers. Accountants can check their math using the printed audit trail, then, by using a Monroe UltimateX printing calculator, they’ll be able to use its reprint and edit capabilities to make any necessary changes and reprint the corrected audit trail for storage as a permanent copy. 

Now that we understand how printing calculators are utilized by accountants, let’s take a look at the functions and features of the UltimateX that are critical to their jobs.

What functions and features make the UltimateX the right choice for accountants?

Two-Color Printing

The UltimateX, along with all other Monroe printing calculators, offers two-color printing that makes it easy for accountants to determine whether an entry was positive (black ink) or negative (red ink). To make this even easier on users, Monroe ribbons are manufactured to the highest degree that can be loaded onto the nylon ribbon.This high inking degree results in darker print than you’ll see from other ribbons, making calculations easier to read. We recommend using Monroe M33X ribbon cartridges with your UltimateX, as these cartridges are easier to install and a lot less messy than traditional ribbon spools.

Enclosed Paper Roll

An enclosed paper roll is integral in preserving your calculator’s printer and is a key reason why Monroe calculators outperform and outlast the competition. It prevents the paper from accumulating dust and dirt, which can otherwise be advanced into the printer and shorten the lifespan of your calculator. Our heavy-duty Monroe printing calculators, specifically the Monroe 8130X, Monroe 8145X, and Monroe UltimateX models, are the only printing calculators in our current lineup on the market today that are equipped with an enclosed paper holder.

Print Speed of 5 Lines Per Second

As an accountant, you use your printing calculator quite often in your daily work. Due to this, accountants quickly become power users of our machines, meaning that they become quicker and more efficient in their calculations.As users become quicker typists, they need a printer that can keep up with their typing speeds. If your printer can't keep up with how quickly you type, you will be stuck waiting for it to catch-up, or worse — it will error out.

We recommend a printing calculator that can reach 5 lines per second print speed, as this ensures that the printer won’t fall too far behind the user. Again, our three heavy-duty printing calculators, the Monroe 8130X, Monroe 8145X, and Monroe UltimateX, all meet this requirement.

Key Touch

This is one of the most important features that users often neglect when choosing a new printing calculator. As heavy users of our calculators, accountants need to consider the comfortability of the calculator’s key touch since a significant portion of their day is spent using our machines.

Aside from their longevity, Monroe calculators are known worldwide for having a soft-velvet key touch. The Monroe UltimateX is the only calculator that utilizes IKT, or Individual Keyswitch Technology, which provides the responsiveness, smoothness and reliable feel that accountants prefer. IKT simply means that each key is outfitted with its own rubber dome, which eliminates any resistance to key depression and ensures minimal errors as you type.

Edit and Reprint Capabilities

Everyone makes mistakes. It happens. But accountants are often required to compute long lines of calculation, and any error, no matter how small, can throw off the entire calculation. In most printing calculators, if you make a mistake, you would have to re-do the work in its entirety, from start to finish. This proves to be incredibly frustrating and time consuming for many accountants.

The solution? Edit and Reprint capabilities.

With the Monroe UltimateX, the only printing calculator to ever contain this functionality, users can save and edit up to 99 lines of calculation. This means that you can check your work at the end, catch a mistake, and then correct and reprint your calculations rather than re-doing everything. Talk about a time-save!

Programmable and Definable Features

Tax Keys

One of the most convenient functions for accountants on the UltimateX is the ability to store up to 5 separate tax rates at the same time. This is done through the calculator’s (2) 4-key independent memories, which allow users to simultaneously run multiple math problems, while storing the respective tax rate for each problem. Those can be used for sales tax, VAT tax, discount tax, and more!

Time/Date Stamp

Enables the user to stamp the time and date of an entry on the audit trail.

In addition to these, there are many other convenient features such as running subtotal print, two column addition, truncate, round up, set identifier, print defined functions, price/price, units/price, price/units, variable add mode, nickel rounding, paper saver mode, discount, crossfooting, clear all functions, future value, present value, currency conversion, time card, profit/margin - cost, sell, margin, memory II, and spreadsheet mode.

Trusted to power entire industries in some of the most demanding environments, the Monroe UltimateX is clearly the superior choice for accountants. The ability to edit and reprint alone make it an easy choice for accountants, but when you combine that with its quick printer speeds, soft key touch and advanced functionality, it quickly becomes clear that the Monroe UltimateX is the best calculator on the market today.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, you can reach us by phone at 267-580-2600 from 8 – 5 pm Monday through Friday. 

Jan 23, 2020 Joe Amoriello

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