Blueprint Measuring

Blueprint Measuring

Calculated Industries Blueprint Measuring

Our organization partners with brands across many different industries to bring you the highest-quality products possible. You can rest assured that these brands will provide you with the same excellent products and service that you expect from us.

Calculated Industries is a great company that provides a fantastic selection of Blueprint Measuring Devices. These are a great option for anyone who works with blueprints frequently and needs to gather accurate measurements.

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  • Front face of the Scale Master Pro XE

    Calculated Industries Scale Master Pro XE 6135

    Calculated Industries

    Fast and Easy Linear, Area and Volume Takeoffs The Scale Master Pro XE Advanced Digital Plan Measure for Blueprint Takeoffs makes it easy to do linear, area and volume takeoffs with speed, accuracy and confidence when estimating, bidding or planning...
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  • Front face of the Scale Master Pro

    Calculated Industries Scale Master Pro 6025

    Calculated Industries

    Digital Plan Measure Specifically designed to simplify takeoffs from architectural and engineering drawings, the Scale Master Pro finds linear measurements of any shape--as well as rectangular areas and volumes--and it converts between scales and...