Wellington Vintage Antique Typewriter

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Wellington Typewriter

*Sold in as is condition*

Discover the Wellington Typewriter, a rare and unique piece of history that every typewriter collector should have in their collection. Crafted in the early 20th century by the Wellington Typewriter Company, this typewriter is a true collector's item.

Featuring a sleek and modern design, the Wellington Typewriter boasts a glossy black finish and elegant chrome accents. Although it may not be in full working condition, it is a restorable piece that offers endless possibilities for customization and repair.

With its distinctive typeface and QWERTY keyboard layout, the Wellington Typewriter is both functional and stylish. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of typewriters, this machine is sure to impress with its striking appearance and unique design.

At, we take pride in offering rare and hard-to-find typewriters like the Wellington. Whether you are looking for a unique addition to your collection or a special gift for the typewriter enthusiast in your life, this machine is sure to delight.

All of our antique typewriters are sold in as-is condition. Each unit has been tested for issues, however, they have not been fully serviced by our technicians. Since we cannot guarantee full functionality for every unit, we recommend using these antiques for display in a home or office as a conversation starter or as a nice addition to a collection.

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