To the Attention of Mr. Warren Buffett, Letter

To the Attention of Mr. Warren Buffett, Letter

Before computers, before tablets, before dial-up, before quotrons, the commercial calculator reigned king. And 104 years after Jay Monroe invented the commercial calculator, we decided to revisit our company history. We’re proud that NASA chose our calculators during the space age, and that Mad Men used our calculators on the set of their show. And we bet that, back in the day, Warren Buffett used a Monroe Calculator to help run his business.

So we decided to give the richest man in the world a small surprise, and sent him a free Monroe UltimateX. The UltimateX is best available heavy-duty calculator on the market, offering IKT (independent key touch technology), print speeds of 5 lines per second, the ability to edit and reprint up to 99 entries, and more. Because in order to impress Warren Buffet, we need to stand out.

But this stunt begs the question, “Why Warren Buffett?” Aside from his success, Warren Buffett shares our commitment to corporate and social responsibility, which is why we decided to share with him where our company has been, and where we’re going. He emanates the balance between success and social awareness that Monroe strives to maintain. And who better to endorse our product than Warren Buffett?

Warren Buffett is known for his wealth, success, and influence in media, but also as a man of simplicity. His house reflects modesty, and his desk lacks a computer. So we hope that he’ll accept our gift. Maybe he’ll even keep it at his desk. But regardless, we couldn’t pass up this chance to potentially revisit our history. And we always look to add to our legacy of inventing the commercial calculator. So stay tuned to find out what happens next!

Dec 31, 1969 Scott La Rochelle

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