A Nod to History: Monroe's Ultimate Gift to Warren Buffett

A Nod to History: Monroe's Ultimate Gift to Warren Buffett


Monroe's UltimateX Calculator: Celebrating Legacy and Simplicity with Warren Buffett

In the intricate world of accounting and finance, precision, reliability, and speed matter. Before the age of computers, tablets, and advanced digital tools, it was the commercial calculator that stood tall as the beacon of accuracy. And the legacy? It began in 1912 with Jay Monroe's revolutionary invention.

A Glimpse into the Past

When reminiscing about our rich history, pride swells up. We remember when NASA, in its quest to conquer the cosmos, opted for our calculators during the pioneering space age. Even the iconic show 'Mad Men' showcased our calculators, underscoring their timeless appeal. Delving deeper into the annals of history, we couldn't help but speculate: Did the legendary Warren Buffett, in his early days, rely on a Monroe Calculator to lay the foundation of his empire?

A Surprise for Mr. Buffett

In a blend of admiration and nostalgia, we approached the world's wealthiest man with a token of our legacy: the Monroe UltimateX. Touted as the apex of heavy-duty calculators, the UltimateX is a marvel in accounting tools. With features such as IKT (independent key touch technology), rapid print speeds of 5 lines per second, and a unique capability to edit and reprint up to 99 entries, it's crafted not just to meet but to exceed expectations. To make a mark on someone of Warren Buffet's stature, we knew we had to bring forth nothing but the best.

Why Warren Buffett?

The answer goes beyond his monumental success. Buffett, much like Monroe, champions the ethos of corporate and social responsibility. His life, a blend of unparalleled success and commendable social awareness resonates with the values Monroe has upheld for over a century. And when it comes to endorsements, who better than the Oracle of Omaha himself?

Beyond Wealth: The Man of Simplicity

Despite his towering success and media influence, Buffett is a testament to simplicity. His residence exudes modesty; his workspace is devoid of digital chaos. It's this simplicity that we hope will make our UltimateX a cherished addition to his desk. Our gesture is more than just a gift; it's an invitation to reconnect with a time-tested legacy, to appreciate the beauty of simplicity in an age of complexity.

With bated breath, we await Mr. Buffett's response. As we continue our journey, reinventing and innovating, our commitment remains unchanged: to enhance the legacy of the commercial calculator. Stay with us to discover what the future holds!


May 19, 2016 Scott La Rochelle

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