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Calculated Industries Construction Master Pro Trig Calculator 4080

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  • Front face of Calculated Industries Construction Pro Trig calculator
  • Easily convert between U.S. Imperial and Metric with dedicated keys
  • Perform basic and advanced construction math on everything from the foundation to the roof
  • Learn to use with full reference guide and with online videos
  • Rugged shock-proof Armadillo Gear cover
  • Comes with a rugged Armadillo Gear case, long-life battery, and pocket reference guides in English and Spanish



Calculated Industries Construction Master Pro Trig Calculator 4080

The Construction Master Pro Trig Calculator 4080 by Calculated Industries is the cornerstone of precision and efficiency for construction professionals. This advanced calculator is engineered to simplify complex construction math with its full trigonometric functionality. Ideal for architects, engineers, project managers, and tradespersons, it ensures that every measurement and calculation is accurate, saving time and reducing costly errors.

Key Features:

  • Full Trigonometric Functions: Sine, cosine, tangent, arcsine, arccosine, and arctangent for comprehensive construction math.
  • Versatile Dimensional Math: Work and convert between yards, feet-inch-fractions, decimal feet/inches, and metric units.
  • Advanced Calculations: Tackle stair layouts, roofing, framing, and polygon calculations with precision.
  • Efficient Conversions: Easily switch between D:M:S and decimal degree conversions.
  • User-Friendly Design: Features a backspace key, constant operator, and "paperless" tape for reviewing the last 20 entries.

Built for the Construction Industry:

Whether you're laying out stairs, calculating roof dimensions, or framing complex structures, the Construction Master Pro Trig is your reliable tool. It offers specialized solutions for circular arcs, circumferences, segments, and polygons. With additional functions for weight per volume and board feet lumber estimating, this calculator is a powerhouse for any construction task.

Additional Benefits:

  • Custom Preferences: Tailor settings to your needs, from fractional settings to stair headroom height.
  • Memory Functions: Includes an accumulating memory (M+) and three additional storage locations.
  • Cost per Unit Feature: Simplify unit costing and pricing with ease.
  • Durable Construction: Comes with a rugged Armadillo Gear case, resistant to shock, dust, and moisture.

In the Box:

  • Construction Master Pro Trig Calculator 4080
  • Armadillo Gear case
  • English and Spanish Pocket Reference Guides
  • Two LR44 batteries
  • One-year warranty

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Warranty Information

Included one-year warranty from Calculated Industries
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Additional Information

5.7" x 3.0" x 0.65" (145 mm x 76 mm x 17 mm)
Product Weight:
4.6 oz (130 grams) Includes case and Pocket Reference Guide
Two 1.5-volt LR-44/A76 long-life batteries
Display Type:
11 Digits (7 normal, 4 Fractions)
Display Dimensions:
0.625" x 2.5" (16 mm x 63.5 mm)
12 digit internal accuracy
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