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Calculated Industries Measure Master Pro Calculator 4020

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  • Front face of the Measure Master Pro
  • Work in U.S. imperial or convert to metric on all of your measurements
  • Built-in solutions help you get answers in formats you need
  • Learn to use with full reference guide stored in the pocket of the calculator's cover or with online videos
  • Comes with a protective slide cover with a quick reference guide printed on the inside, pocket reference guide in English and Spanish and a long-life battery
  • The tool you need to get past measurements and get to work
  • Dedicated keys make entering measurements straightforward


Feet-Inch-Fraction and Metric Dimensional Calculator

Get professional results every time with this handy and easy-to-use tool for projects involving measurements. Work in and convert between feet-inch-fractions, decimal feet-inch-fractions, yards, meters, centimeters and millimeters as well as areas and volumes. Quickly solve circumference, circle area, and arcs. This calculator is mostly used by designers, craftsmen, tradespersons, fabricators, woodworkers and technicians.

  • Work in and convert between dimensions, including metric
  • Linear, area and volume measurements; square-up and perimeter
  • Find weight and weight per volume
  • Instant solutions for circle area, circumference, arcs and more
  • Quickly find board feet for lumber estimates
  • Solve unit cost and pricing
  • Features "Paperless" Tape which allows you to review your last 20 entries to double-check totals
  • User set preferences for preferred fractional value and dimensions


  • Protective hard slide cover
  • Easy-to-follow Pocket Reference Guides in English and Spanish
  • Two LR44/A76 long-life batteries
  • One-year Warranty

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Warranty Information

Includes a one-year warranty from Calculated Industries
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Additional Information

5.6" x 3.0" x 0.6" (143 mm x 76 mm x 16 mm)
Product Weight:
4.5 oz. (128 grams) includes case and Pocket Reference Guide
Two 1.5-volt LR44/A76 long-life batteries
Display Type:
11 digits (7 normal, 4 fractions)
Display Dimensions:
0.625" x 2.5" (16 mm x 64 mm)
10 digit internal accuracy
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