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Calculated Industries ConversionCalc Plus Calculator 8030

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  • Front face of ConcersionCalc Plus Calculator
  • More than 500 conversion combinations so you can stop looking up tables
  • Hard cover protects calculator from dust and damage
  • Reference guide and online videos make using easy
  • Dedicated keys make entering measurements a breeze
  • Input and convert any unit of measure
  • Comes with a protective slide cover including a quick reference guide inside the cover, long-life battery and a pocket reference guide



Calculated Industries ConversionCalc Plus Calculator 8030

The ConversionCalc Plus Calculator 8030 from Calculated Industries is the ultimate handheld calculator for professionals who need reliable and easy-to-access conversion data. With over 500 conversion combinations at your disposal, this powerful tool is designed to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity across various fields.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Conversion Options: More than 500 conversion combinations for linear, area, volume, weight, temperature, velocity, flow rates, pressure, torque, energy, and power.
  • Versatile Units of Measure: Includes 70 built-in Standard, Metric, and other units of measure, from large to micro- and nano-units.
  • Custom User Preferences: Tailor the calculator to your needs with settings for fractions, area, volume, exponents, and more.
  • Cost per Unit Calculations: Simplify pricing and budgeting with the cost per unit function.
  • Error Correction: Utilize the backspace key to quickly correct mistakes.
  • Review Past Entries: The "paperless" tape feature allows you to review the last 20 entries for accuracy.
  • Standard Mathematical Functions: Equipped with common math functions for versatile use beyond conversions.

Ideal for Professionals:

This calculator is a must-have for healthcare professionals, scientists, pharmacists, nutritionists, lab technicians, engineers, specifiers, and importers/exporters.

What's Included:

  • ConversionCalc Plus Calculator 8030
  • Protective Slide Cover for added durability
  • Quick Reference and Pocket Reference Guides for on-the-go assistance
  • One 3-volt CR2016 Long-life Battery ensures long-term usage
  • Full One-Year Limited Warranty for peace of mind

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Warranty Information

Includes one-year warranty from Calculated Industries
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Additional Information

5.7 x 3.0 x 0.65 inches
4.15 ounces - includes slide cover and Pocket Reference Guide
One 3-volt CR2016 long-life battery
Display Type:
14 Digits (8 normal, 6 fractions) with full annunciators
Display Dimensions:
0.73 x 2.56 inches
12 Digit Internal Accuracy
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