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Calculated Industries ElectriCalc Pro Calculator 5070

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  • Front face of the ElectriCalc Pro Calculator
  • A complete electrical reference calculator that's updateable to current code
  • Easily upgrades to the current NEC code
  • Dedicated function keys make using quick and easy
  • Rugged shock-proof Armadillo Gear cover included
  • Learn to use with full reference guide and with online videos
  • Stay compliant with current Code and determine project requirements
  • Everything you need to get started including rugged Armadillo Gear case, complete user's guide, pocket reference guide, and a long-life battery



Calculated Industries ElectriCalc Pro Calculator 5070

The ElectriCalc Pro Calculator 5070 by Calculated Industries is a powerhouse for electrical professionals. Designed to streamline complex calculations, this tool conforms to the latest NEC standards, ensuring compliance and precision. With the ability to update for future NEC revisions, this calculator is a long-term investment in efficiency.

Key Features:

  • NEC Compliance: Conforms to the latest NEC standards with updates available.
  • Comprehensive Calculations: Wire sizes, conduit sizing, voltage drop, motor full-load amps, and more.
  • Versatile Functionality: Work in and convert between various electrical units effortlessly.
  • Protective Armadillo Gear Case: Rugged and resistant to ensure durability in tough conditions.
  • Future-Proof: Easy-to-install kit for NEC code updates.

Streamline Your Electrical Calculations:

The ElectriCalc Pro is more than a calculator; it's a complete electrical reference tool that saves time, enhances accuracy, and reduces the risk of costly errors. Whether you're sizing wires or calculating loads, this tool has you covered.

What's Included:

  • ElectriCalc Pro Calculator 5070
  • Long-life CR2016 battery
  • User's Guide and Pocket Reference Guide
  • Armadillo Gear protective case
  • NEC 2020 Compliance Notice

NEC 2020 Compliance Notice. The 2020 NEC Code has been examined and the 2020 NEC Code that impacts the functionality of your ElectriCalc Pro Model 5070 has been changed. Installing the new chip and setting the calculator to NEC 2020 will make it fully compliant with the new code.

NEC® and National Electrical Code® are registered trademarks for the National Fire Protection Association, Inc.; Quincy, MA 02269


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Warranty Information

Includes one-year warranty from Calculated Industries
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Additional Information

5.6" x 3.0" x 0.6" (142 mm x 76 mm x 16 mm)
Product Weight:
7 oz. - including Armadillo Gear protective case and Pocket Reference Guide
One 3-volt CR-2016 long-life battery
Display Type:
LCD segment; 8 digits
Display Dimensions:
0.625" x 2.5"
12 digit internal accuracy
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