Dahle 20722 Shredder Oil, (4) 1 Gallon Bottles

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  • Dahle One Gallon Shredder Oil 4 Pack (Gallon and 12 Ounce)
  • Dahle One Gallon Shredder Oil 4 Pack (12 Ounce Bottle)
  • Dahle One Gallon Shredder Oil 4 Pack (Dahle Advantage)
  • Dahle One Gallon Shredder Oil 4 Pack (Pricing Guide)
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Dahle Shredder Oil is designed to keep your shredder running at peak performance. This clean formulation reduces cutting cylinder friction, ensures consistent shredder performance, and is designed to cling to your cylinders without build-up.

  • Reduces friction of the cutting cylinders
  • Guarantees optimal shredder performance
  • High cling value and low dust retention
  • Increases shredder lifespan

The key to maintaining your shredder at optimal performance is proper oiling. Dahle shredder oil is the only lubricant you should use in your paper shredder. It is specially formulated so it won't leave any residue that could attract dust and clog the shredding mechanism. The procedure for lubricating your shredder is simple. Apply a fine stream of oil from one side of the feed opening to the other. Then run the shredder in reverse for a few seconds to help distribute the lubricant evenly.

 Four 1 gal. bottles of Dahle shredder oil for periodically lubricating your shredder. It's specially formulated to reduce dust retention and guarantee optimal shredder performance.
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Warranty Information

Dahle guarantees its shredders to be free from manufacturing defects (materials / workmanship) for a period of 2 years (1 year on PaperSAFE and ShredMATIC). Dahle offers a lifetime guarantee on the cutting cylinders (1 year on P-6 & P-7 shredders / 5 years on PaperSAFE and ShredMATIC). This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper oiling, paper jams, misuse, abuse, improper line voltage, or unauthorized repair. This warranty applies to the original purchaser only and is not transferable. There are no other warranties expressed or implied beyond the face of this agreement. For service or more information on this warranty, contact a Dahle Customer Relations Representative at (800) 995-1385
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