5 Unconventional Marketing Strategies for Today's Businesses

5 Unconventional Marketing Strategies for Today's Businesses


Modern Marketing: Beyond Cold Calls and Google Ads

While tried and true, there’s nothing flashy, memorable, or exciting about generic cold calls or ads on Google. Consumers anticipate these types of marketing strategies, which will only produce typical results. In an age where advertisements invade even the most private corners of our lives you must be strategic in your approach. With no further introduction, here are 5 effective ways to market your business to new customers.

1. Go viral

While easier said than done, social media provides businesses with limitless platforms to reach new consumer demographics, and viral media requires little to no cost. On this platform, tweets act as referrals, and content is the sole metric in determining campaign success or failure rather than the size of an ad-buy. YouTube videos have become an extremely effective form of advertising for people when the content appeals to the masses. Old Spice, Dollar Shave Club, and Pepsi MAX: Uncle Drew all capitalize on using the internet as a platform for pushing their products. While some brands invest considerable dollars, YouTube has shown us that large production costs are not as important as the content, check out Lowe’s social media campaign.

How much did it really take for Lowe’s to produce that video? With a low production cost and in a small amount of time, Lowe’s managed to peak their audience interest and effectively advertise their brand. With the right tools, creative minds, and a great sense of humor, a business can produce a viral social media campaign.

2. Get out of the office

To establish trust and credibility, put a face behind your company name. Get out of the office and introduce new people to your company. Our Senior Sales & Marketing Manager took us out of the office one morning and into Center City Philadelphia, where we stood outside of KPMG, PNC, and other financial service firms on Market Street. We handed out free Monroe 240Z calculators to unsuspecting accountants and bankers on an otherwise regular Wednesday morning. Because of that venture, we met potential customers and provided them a positive experience from our company.

3. Have a story worth telling

Not all advertising is direct, but the best form of advertising remains to be word-of-mouth. While TV advertising is effective, people listen to their friends and often make decisions based on testimonials. Give your customers something to talk about! Whether it’s a fun office layout, an impressive website, or having a great reputation, make sure everyone you do business with leaves your office with something positive to share about the company.

What’s our story? How about that time we sent Warren Buffett a free Monroe UltimateX to generate buzz about our company? How about Warren Buffett writing back to us? I know the story I’ll tell at school about my time at Monroe will be about the uniqueness of the internship. How it deviated from the industry norms to run and operate as a marketing think-tank.

4. Give your product away… FOR FREE?

A 30-day money back guarantee gives customers peace of mind and displays confidence in your product. But consider this twist on the age-tested sales strategy of security: Try our product for 30 days, only pay if you want to keep it! This strategy, while risky and only applicable to a select group of products (including calculators), radiates confidence in the quality of your product, removes the pressure of commitment, and gives the excitement of a new “toy.” If you’re confident in the superiority or quality of your product, it will be easier for a customer to buy a product they have experienced rather than take a risk with one they aren’t familiar with.

5. Target your partners

Businesses rely on other businesses to do business. In order to function as a business you will need to buy products and services from other businesses. Over time, trusting relationships will develop between your business partners. The company who handles your taxes, supplies your furniture, or even the local pizza delivery shop (I highly recommend Camila's in Bensalem, PA, if you're ever in the area). These are potential customers you can leverage your relationship with to pitch your product. Increase your opportunities further through referral marketing.


Nov 21, 2016 Scott La Rochelle

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